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Spanish Vocabulary Course

This is a course that I am writing and recording at the moment and you can enjoy all of the Spanish Vocabulary video lessons at beginner, intermediate & advanced levels totally FREE. Essential Spanish words on useful topics such as colours, nationalities, food, jobs, animals, the weather, the house, clothes and computers.

Follow the links below for FREE sample Spanish video lessons:

1.Beginner Level: Animals
2.Intermediate Level: Animals
3.Advanced Level: Animals
4.Beginner Level: The House
5.Intermediate Level: The House
6.Advanced Level: The House
7.Beginner Level: Parts Of The Body
8.Intermediate Level: Parts Of The Body
9.Advanced Level: Parts Of The Body
10.Beginner Level: The Restaurant
11.Intermediate Level: The Restaurant
12.Advanced Level: The Restaurant
13.Beginner Level: Sports
14.Intermediate Level: Sports
15.Advanced Level: Sports
16.Beginner Level: Clothes
17.Intermediate Level: Clothes
18.Advanced Level: Clothes
19.Beginner Level: Colours
20.Intermediate Level: Colours
21.Advanced Level: Colours
22.Beginner Level: Computers
23.Intermediate Level: Computers
24.Advanced Level: Computers
25.Beginner Level: Weather
26.Intermediate Level: Weather
27.Advanced Level: Weather
28.Beginner Level: Plants & Flowers
29.Intermediate Level: Plants & Flowers
30.Advanced Level: Plants & Flowers
31.Beginner Level: Countries
32.Intermediate Level: Countries
33.Advanced Level: Countries
34.Beginner Level: Nationalities
35.Intermediate Level: Nationalities
36.Advanced Level: Nationalities
37.Beginner Level: Cars
38.Intermediate Level: Cars
39.Advanced Level: Cars
40.Beginner Level: Vegetables
41.Intermediate Level: Vegetables
42.Advanced Level: Vegetables
43.Beginner Level: Professions
44.Intermediate Level: Professions
45.Advanced Level: Professions
46.Beginner Level: Buildings
47.Intermediate Level: Buildings
48.Advanced Level: Buildings
49.Beginner Level: In the city
50.Intermediate Level: In the city
51.Advanced Level: In the city
52.Beginner Level: Babies
53.Intermediate Level: Babies
54.Advanced Level: Babies
55.Beginner Level: Money matters
56.Intermediate Level: Money matters
57.Advanced Level: Money matters
58.Beginner Level: At school
59.Intermediate Level: At school
60.Advanced Level: At school
61.Beginner Level: Aeroplanes & Airports
62.Intermediate Level: Aeroplanes & Airports
63.Advanced Level: Aeroplanes & Airports
64.Beginner Level: At the beach
65.Intermediate Level: At the beach
66.Advanced Level: At the beach
67.Beginner Level: Musical instruments
68.Intermediate Level: Musical instruments
69.Advanced Level: Musical instruments
70.Beginner Level: The kitchen
71.Intermediate Level: The kitchen
72.Advanced Level: The kitchen
73.Beginner Level: The office
74.Intermediate Level: The office
75.Advanced Level: The office
76.Beginner Level: The family
77.Intermediate Level: The family
78.Advanced Level: The family
79.Beginner Level: Environmental issues
80.Intermediate Level: Environmental issues
81.Advanced Level: Environmental issues
82.Beginner Level: Fruits & nuts
83.Intermediate Level: Fruits & nuts
84.Advanced Level: Fruits & nuts
85.Beginner Level: In a hotel
86.Intermediate Level: In a hotel
87.Advanced Level: In a hotel
88.Beginner Level: Drinks
89.Intermediate Level: Drinks
90.Advanced Level: Drinks
91.Beginner Level: TV & Cinema
92.Intermediate Level: TV & Cinema
93.Advanced Level: TV & Cinema
94.Beginner Level: Music
95.Intermediate Level: Music
96.Advanced Level: Music
97.Beginner Level: Books
98.Intermediate Level: Books
99.Advanced Level: Books


  1. My pleasure Gene! I am very pleased to hear that you are enjoying the site and look forward to hearing from you whenever you are ready to start live online Spanish lessons and take your Spanish on to the next level.
    All my best,

    • What is the best way to learn Spanish the fastest?well my dads side of the fmilay is Mexican so they really want me to learn Spanish because i can never understand them. I really want to impress them and i don’t live with them, i live with my mom.So do you have any ideas of how to learn Spanish the fastest?Any ideas of where to start learning first??

      • Hola Adhe,
        I recommend starting with the beginner courses here on my website and working your way up through the grammar and vocabulary lessons. Then it will be time to start taking some live online lessons with me via Skype, or find your own way to practice lots of conversation with a native speaker.

  2. Laura:
    I just found The Spanish Blog and have been exploring all you have to offer. I have been studying Spanish for about a year now and have utilized many different sources and find yours to be exceptional.I recently purchased some of your courses and look forward to learning from them. At some point I hope to take advantage of your personalized instruction (when I get the nerve). Thank you for this wonderful site.


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