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Sound like a native Spanish speaker by following a few simple rules and knowing exactly how to pronounce each of the letters of the Spanish alphabet. Many people assume that it is impossible to speak with a genuine Spanish accent… it isn’t! Spanish pronunciation is really quite straightforward and this course will clear up all of your pronunciation doubts.

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PDF/E-book & 60 mp3 lessons (4hrs 43 mins of lessons)
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Lesson topics include: Pronunciation of the Spanish vowels & consonants, specific analysis of how to pronounce each letter of the alphabet, pronunciation of two vowels together (Hiatuses & Diphthongs), Spanish intonation in statements, questions and linking words, pronunciation of accents (syllables & stress). Click here for full lesson list

1.The Spanish Vowels: Introduction
5.Pronunciation of the letter “O”
6.Pronunciation of the letter “U”
7.The Spanish Consonants: Introduction
8.Pronunciation of the letter “B”/”V”
9.Pronunciation of the letter “C”
10.Pronunciation of the letter “CH”

More details about this course…

60 Spanish mp3 lessons with PDF/E-book of written lesson notes

Safe-secure payment & instant-direct download

4 hours 43 minutes of Spanish language learning material

Clear & concise lessons explained in English with Spanish examples

Qualified, experienced, bilingual, native Spanish teacher

What other students are saying…


“I originally purchased Laura’s beginner’s course because I visit Spain regularly and I wanted to be able to speak some of the language. I found the course extremely helpful and the lessons interesting and well structured. I have since also bought the intermediate course. I am now studying for a qualification in Spanish and find Laura’s courses a tremendous help with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. I have over the years tried various Spanish books and CDs but none have been as easy to follow and helpful as Laura’s courses.” Martin Russell, England


“For years, I have been wanting to learn how to speak and be able to understand Spanish. I decided to look for Spanish tutorials on YouTube, then I came across Laura’s tutorials. I was impressed by how clearly she explained each lesson. I went through her blog and I found all the lessons valuable. After a few months of following the blog, I decided to purchase the Beginner Spanish Video Course. It was a right decision to make because all the lessons are great and well-explained. What I like best is that it doesn’t take long for Laura to teach each lesson. Each video only lasts for about 5 minutes or so and yet each contains an understandable lesson. The notes and exercises that come along with the videos are also very helpful. The video course comes with about 127 lessons, to which I can say, they are very precise and useful. The price of the course is also truly affordable. I highly recommend purchasing this video course, as well as all the other courses of Laura. She teaches in a simple but very informative way. I don’t think anyone can go wrong with Laura’s tutorials. It’s great to learn the language from a native speaker and in comfort with my own time and pace too. I always visit the blog and the lessons get better and better. I’ll be purchasing the Intermediate Video Course soon. Also, what I like about Laura’s blog is that it doesn’t feature Spanish language alone. It also features Spanish recipes, Spanish music, Spanish City guides, Spanish movies and television, etc. It helps me learn about Spain too. I’ve tried some of her recipes and I liked them! I can say Laura is very passionate in teaching and sharing all her knowledge about Spanish and Spain. I feel so blessed that there’s someone like her doing all these things for other people to learn. Every time I ask a question about the lessons or the course in general, she replies very quickly. For 2 years now, I’m still following her blog, and I can say Laura is a great educator and she’s truly amazing!!” Niña Theresa S. Parreño, Philippines


“I had thought about going back to night school, as I have regained my interest in the language, but by chance, looking through the internet recently I came across The Spanish Blog and was instantly impressed. The website is great, the layout has been well thought out, making it extremely user friendly, with a varied selection of subjects to choose from, adding to the whole Spanish Experience. Another big plus is the Free Lessons provided; giving anyone interested the opportunity to acquaint themselves, with Laura’s approach to and method of teaching the language. It certainly did it for me! I immediately bought the Beginners Video Course, which I thought was fantastic value. I have made good progress with the Video course and really like Laura’s method of teaching, it makes learning the language much more enjoyable, if and when I come across any of my fellow night school colleagues I will most certainly recommend Laura’s courses.” Ivan Morrow, Northern Ireland


“I would like to thank Laura for her continued support via The Spanish Blog website. I have been learning with Laura through her one to one lessons for over a year now and I have to say my understanding of the Spanish language has increased greatly. She is an excellent teacher with great patience. I look forward to another productive year. The Spanish Blog site in my opinion is the best way to learn Spanish.” Harry Lloyd, England


“I love Laura’s courses. I have purchased all of them to date. Her teaching, PDF file, and pronunciation of the words and explanation of verbs, conjugations etc have helped me greatly in understanding this beautiful language. I am using mi Español to converse with my fiancé who is from Spain and his family. I love Laura’s courses over any others because she teaches practical and useful Spanish. I have learned so much from her courses and look forward to learning much more in the future. Thank you so much Laura for taking time out of your busy schedule to create these great, concise, fun and informative courses. Keep up the great work.” Marissa, USA


“I lived in Spain and in Mexico more than 10 years ago now, and I have not been able remain very fluent in conversational Spanish. I have tried several methods of listening to Spanish programs to obtain practice, none of which worked very well. I have found that Laura’s Spanish lessons are very clear and very focused. This allows me to really learn the important parts and listening to Laura’s clear Spanish accent is far superior to listening to an English speaking person trying to teach in Spanish. So for me, I have found great success in my understanding and my conversation really quickly… Thanks… Muchisimas Gracias…” David R. Huck, Canada


“As I was planning to holiday in Spain, I downloaded Laura’s Beginner course in Spanish some months ago. I was so impressed that I also purchased the Beginner Practice course. Both are loaded on my iPod and I have been listening to them as I walk. Now I am in Spain. I find that I am easily able to make myself understood, and can understand everyday interactions in shops, bars and the like. I can even follow ordinary spoken Spanish to some degree (though I am far from fluent, of course!). Laura’s lessons come in very convenient bite sizes, and are well structured for progression. I am particularly thankful for her clear pronunciation: I have even been complimented on my accent by native Spanish speakers! To find such an excellent course at a truly amazing price has been extremely helpful to me. Adios y gracias” Tim Sprod, Tasmania


“Laura has been teaching me Spanish for well over a year. I have found her to possess several strong teaching qualities. Laura has a strong work ethic. She is a punctual individual and a patient teacher. Laura is a creative teacher and she continuously produces new learning material. I have found her to be extremely knowledgeable in the area of Spanish Grammar. Laura is able to explain difficult concepts so that I can readily understand them. I have found Laura to be an energetic teacher who is able to make a student feel comfortable speaking a foreign language. Laura can rapidly adapt her teaching methods to the needs of her student. She is a very enthusiastic teacher who can motivate a student to keep learning. Laura has always treated me with dignity and respect.” Robert Dekanic, Canada


“I started going to Spain 15 years ago and enjoyed the shores, the cities and the countryside. But I was not able to read the newspapers or communicate with the Spanish people, except for ordering beer and some food in the restaurants. This was my primary motivation for learning more of the Spanish language. Fortunately, I got acquainted with a nice Spanish family that gave me a very good introduction to the language and the culture. This was my background when I was introduced to Laura’s Blog and courses about a year ago. Now I look forward to the twice weekly live classes with Laura. She introduces me to the different subjects and grammar in a very smooth and interesting way. Always with a good sense of humour and with a pronunciation so clear that even a Norwegian can understand. I look forward to the continuation of the classes and the MP3 courses.” Magne Lystad, Norway


“I’ve always wanted to learn to speak Spanish. My real inspiration came when I met some friends from Barcelona who went to school here in my home town and have now moved back to Barcelona and another friend from Gualeguaychu in Argentina. I speak to them on a regular basis and although they speak some English, I want to be able to converse with them and their friends in Spanish. I think EVERYONE who wants to learn Spanish, should take Laura’s Spanish courses. I have tried many others, and Laura’s lessons are absolutely the best. I’ve just completed the beginner Spanish course and I am doing the Spanish practice lessons now. I purchased all of the MP3 courses and put them on CD’s and printed the PDF text and put in a binder. Laura’s method of teaching makes learning Spanish easy. It’s not just memorizing words and phrases; she explains in detail step by step exactly usage of different verbs, adjectives, reflexive verbs, present tense, past tense etc…. Once you finish the lessons, take the Spanish practice lessons and you will see how it all comes together. Laura is an excellent teacher and puts a lot of enthusiasm in every lesson. Laura, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to create these excellent courses and I’m looking forward to continuing through every level.” Bill Marvenko, USA


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