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Beginner Spanish Practice Course

58 Spanish video or mp3 lessons. 2 hrs 28 mins.

Test and expand your Spanish skills at beginner level with these 58 interactive and fun practice lessons + e-book study aid. This course specifically practices the 58 lesson topics of the Beginner Spanish Course, but also works very well in its own right for students who have a basic knowledge and want to improve all four language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Each lesson is clearly explained in English with Spanish examples throughout provided by a native Spanish speaker.




Follow the links below for FREE sample Spanish video lessons:

1.Meeting & greeting in Spanish
2.How to state and ask nationality in Spanish
3.Numbers 1-100 in Spanish and how to state and ask age
4.Jobs in Spanish and how to ask and state occupation
5.The Spanish Alphabet
6.Bar food vocabulary in Spanish
7.Drinks vocabulary in Spanish
8.Speaking Spanish in a bar
9.Restaurant food vocabulary in Spanish
10.Speaking Spanish in a restaurant
11.Asking & giving directions in Spanish
12.Spanish vocabulary of shops & other buildings
13.How to describe and understand locations in Spanish
14.How to state in Spanish where places are located
15.Distances & Spanish numbers 100-1000
16.Members of the family in Spanish
17.The Spanish verb To Be – El verbo Ser
18.El verbo Ser & The Family
19.The verb To Have in Spanish – El verbo Tener
20.El verbo Tener & The Family
21.How to describe physical appearance in Spanish
22.Physical descriptions with the Spanish verbs Ser & Tener
23.How to describe personality in Spanish
24.The other Spanish verb To Be – El verbo Estar
25.Expressing how you feel in Spanish
26.An introduction To Spanish verbs
27.Regular verbs in the Spanish Present Tense (Part 1)
28.Regular verbs in the Spanish Present Tense (Part 2)
29.Asking & telling the the time in Spanish
30.Asking & stating at what times you do things during the day
31.Food vocabulary in Spanish
32.Shopping for food in a Spanish supermarket or street market
33.Clothes vocabulary in Spanish
34.The colours in Spanish and how to describe the colour of clothes
35.Shopping for clothes in Spanish
36.The Spanish verb To Go – El verbo Ir
37.El verbo Ir & transport vocabulary
38.Spanish adjectives related to transport
39.Making comparisons in Spanish
40.Making comparisons with irregular comparative adjectives




More lessons in this course:


41.The Spanish verb To Need – El verbo Necesitar
42.The Spanish verb To Want – El verbo Querer
43.The Spanish verb To Prefer – El verbo Preferir
44.Useful vocabulary in Spanish related to travelling
45.How to buy a ticket and ask for travel information in Spanish
46.An introduction to reflexive Spanish verbs
47.Reflexive Spanish verbs in the present tense
48.Questions & answers with reflexive Spanish verbs
49.The days of the week in Spanish
50.The months of the year & dates in Spanish
51.Irregular verbs in the Spanish present tense (Part 1)
52.Irregular verbs in the Spanish present tense (Part 2)
53.Irregular verbs in the Spanish present tense (Part 3)
54.Irregular verbs in the Spanish present tense (Part 4)
55.Irregular verbs in the Spanish present tense (Part 5)
56.Spanish adverbs of frequency
57.Describing how often we do things using Spanish expressions of frequency
58.Spanish verbs related to hobbies and leisure time




1 Comment

  1. Hola Laura,
    Muchas gracias. I really like this course. It is helping me make sense of basic Spanish.
    I bought your full beginner course and this is the perfect addition.
    I hope you make these type of practice lessons for all your other courses.
    Thanks again. Juan


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