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Beginner Spanish Course

58 Spanish video or mp3 lessons. 4 hrs 40 mins.

Learn the fundamentals of the Spanish language and start speaking Spanish fast with this fun and easy-to-follow Spanish course of 58 lessons + e-book study aid. All of the information you need is clearly explained in English with Spanish examples throughout. Learning Spanish doesn’t have to be a struggle, this course makes it simple!




Follow the links below for FREE sample Spanish video lessons:

1.Meeting & greeting in Spanish
2.How to state and ask nationality in Spanish
3.Numbers 1-100 in Spanish and how to state and ask age
4.Jobs in Spanish and how to ask and state occupation
5.The Spanish Alphabet
6.Bar food vocabulary in Spanish
7.Drinks vocabulary in Spanish
8.Speaking Spanish in a bar
9.Restaurant food vocabulary in Spanish
10.Speaking Spanish in a restaurant
11.Asking & giving directions in Spanish
12.Spanish vocabulary of shops & other buildings
13.How to describe and understand locations in Spanish
14.How to state in Spanish where places are located
15.Distances & Spanish numbers 100-1000
16.Members of the family in Spanish
17.The Spanish verb To Be – El verbo Ser
18.El verbo Ser & The Family
19.The verb To Have in Spanish – El verbo Tener
20.El verbo Tener & The Family
21.How to describe physical appearance in Spanish
22.Physical descriptions with the Spanish verbs Ser & Tener
23.How to describe personality in Spanish
24.The other Spanish verb To Be – El verbo Estar
25.Expressing how you feel in Spanish
26.An introduction To Spanish verbs
27.Regular verbs in the Spanish Present Tense (Part 1)
28.Regular verbs in the Spanish Present Tense (Part 2)
29.Asking & telling the the time in Spanish
30.Asking & stating at what times you do things during the day
31.Food vocabulary in Spanish
32.Shopping for food in a Spanish supermarket or street market
33.Clothes vocabulary in Spanish
34.The colours in Spanish and how to describe the colour of clothes
35.Shopping for clothes in Spanish
36.The Spanish verb To Go – El verbo Ir
37.El verbo Ir & transport vocabulary
38.Spanish adjectives related to transport
39.Making comparisons in Spanish
40.Making comparisons with irregular comparative adjectives




More lessons in this course:


41.The Spanish verb To Need – El verbo Necesitar
42.The Spanish verb To Want – El verbo Querer
43.The Spanish verb To Prefer – El verbo Preferir
44.Useful vocabulary in Spanish related to travelling
45.How to buy a ticket and ask for travel information in Spanish
46.An introduction to reflexive Spanish verbs
47.Reflexive Spanish verbs in the present tense
48.Questions & answers with reflexive Spanish verbs
49.The days of the week in Spanish
50.The months of the year & dates in Spanish
51.Irregular verbs in the Spanish present tense (Part 1)
52.Irregular verbs in the Spanish present tense (Part 2)
53.Irregular verbs in the Spanish present tense (Part 3)
54.Irregular verbs in the Spanish present tense (Part 4)
55.Irregular verbs in the Spanish present tense (Part 5)
56.Spanish adverbs of frequency
57.Describing how often we do things using Spanish expressions of frequency
58.Spanish verbs related to hobbies and leisure time





  1. I really love your lessons and i think learning more with you its going to make me speak spanish well.

  2. We have found Laura’s lessons to be very helpful because she has a very good knowledge (as we would expect of a native speaker). Her enunciacion is very clear and precise and she doesn’t speak nearly as rapidly as the local native ladies do.

  3. i think this is a great thing to do cause i taught me alot by teching me how to speak it.

  4. good

    • i wanna to learn Spanish language i love so much

  5. I just decided to start learning Spanish 2 weeks ago and have found out there are many different accents. I am planning on retiring in Panama by June next year, so i need to learn fast. I hope this will assist me !! muchas gracias!!

  6. The lessons extremely thorough and well thought out. For the first time, I find myself on a daily basis spending more time learning Spanish with your lessons than I had planned on because they are interesting, relevant to real-world use, and just the right length of time. Thank you for also including the different ways of saying the same thing. That is so helpful. You are the best, Laura!

  7. I am interested in learning Spanish and i just found this site. I started the beginners course and so far I find it very helpful. I’m looking forward to learning more with the program.

  8. ¡Muchas gracias!
    Thank you all so much for all your comments. It is great to hear how much you are all enjoying the lessons.
    Keep up the good work and keep in touch.

  9. Awesome web site! This site provides a logical bases for understanding the fundamentals of Spanish. Thank you for a job well done.

  10. This is definitely a good source of useful information about the Spanish language. Kudos!

  11. I really enjoyed the Beginner Spanish course offered on this website. Tons of useful information in a easy to learn format.

  12. Many thanks to you all and a very happy new year from me!!
    Saludos, Laura

  13. thank you so much.. you’re the best!!

  14. I am from Mexico, but my Spanish has always been really bad. This website has been really good help; and I can carry a few simple conversations on with my cousins! Thank you so much.

  15. Hola! I’m interested in purchasing the beginner course and I’m anxious to get started. My band The Muggs have been touring spain 2 years in a row and we’ll be going back next year, I want to surprise my Spanish friends and be able to communicate with them in their language. Thank You.


  16. Wow… What an awesome source of information. I think it’s great that you offer so much value for people out there who are interested in learn Spanish online. This site is an absolutely great stepping stone for anyone who has set this goal for themselves.

  17. Hola a todos,
    Thank you all so much for your comments!
    I really appreciate your feedback and am extremely proud that you are finding the lessons beneficial.

    • Este es un excelente el sitio web a usar cuándo difícil a aprender el español. La información estar bueno y la ayudar yo.

  18. i really need to start speaking spanish because i need it and very important

  19. I’ve been meaning to do something like this for a while, so your post gave me the push I needed. Thanks!

    • Good for you Susan!! Best of luck with your Spanish and keep in touch!! Laura

  20. Hi Laura, I want to thank you for the lessons you gave me while I was at work on my computer . I lived in Edinburgh.


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