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Learn Spanish fast with my comprehensive, fun, easy-to-follow, downloadable courses of video lessons, listening exercises, texts, interactive exercises and quizzes. I am always at hand to assist with any doubts and am looking forward to helping you with your Spanish.

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Frequently Asked Questions


When does a course start and finish?
Each course is designed as a ten week course, one module per week, but you have access to complete each course for up to 12 months after you enroll. You can begin your course anytime you prefer within the 12 months after your enrollment date.

Will everything be in Spanish?
Courses are taught by native Spanish speaker Laura Garrido Eslava who explains all course information clearly in English, with Spanish examples throughout. More and more Spanish content is introduced as students progress through the courses from beginner to advanced levels.

What can I do if I have any questions during the course?
Your instructor and course creator, Laura, is always at hand to assist students through the courses. If you have a question or doubt at any stage, please feel free to use your contact form or leave a comment in the relevant module and Laura will answer.

Do I need to have any other learning material?
You should have your own Spanish-English dictionary, but apart from that we don’t recommend you use any other learning material. You can easily get bogged down and confused by too many books, apps, videos, mp3s, etc. We will provide all you need to learn the language clearly and quickly.

What type of Spanish will I learn on this course?
The Spanish spoken and taught here is Castellano Spanish as spoken in Spain which is almost identical to Latin American Spanish as spoken in South America, North America, Central America and the Caribbean. Latin American Spanish originally developed from Castellano and, though there are minor differences in pronunciation and vocabulary, both are basically the same language. The differences are similar to those between American and British English. It is certainly not difficult to understand one language once you know the other and Castellano Spanish will be easily understood by Spanish speakers in Spain and Latin America.

Who is my tutor?
Laura Garrido Eslava has over 15 years experience teaching Spanish in Spain, the UK and online. Laura trained as a Spanish Language Teacher with Lacunza International House in San Sebastian, Spain, and qualified in 2004. She has taught in colleges of further education, language academies and to students from all around the world via the internet.

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