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Spanish Movies


A selection of great Spanish movie recommendations. Watch the trailers and read about plots, the Spanish actors and actresses involved, the Spanish directors and Spanish writers and any awards won. There are so many wonderful Spanish movies in the history of Spanish cinema and watching Spanish movies is a great way to learn more about Spanish culture and to push your Spanish listening skills on to the next level. Enjoy!

Mar Adentro

Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios

El laberinto del fauno

Diarios de motocicleta



Javier Bardem

Antonio Banderas

Penélope Cruz


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  1. I loved Pan’s Labyrinth (El Laberinto del Fauno), that’s such a fantastic movie for learning Spanish! It’s one of a few Spanish-language movies that comes with both English and Spanish subtitles (very important, and most only have English subtitles). Another one I recommend is Maria Full of Grace which, although not Spanish (it’s Colombian), is a superb movie and has both English and Spanish subtitles available–have you seen it, Laura?

    I really wanted to watch Volver (another Spanish film, this one has Penelope Cruz) but it doesn’t have Spanish subtitles so I haven’t bothered with it yet.

    I personally find that movies are my favorite method of learning Spanish: they contain a great deal of the Spanish language in them amongst the two hours or so of dialogue, they’re cheap, and most important of all, they’re fun. They really are so much better than dry, boring textbooks and such.



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