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Hola, my name is Laura and I am from Bilbao in northern Spain. I have over 15 years experience teaching Spanish in Spain, the UK and online. I trained as a Spanish Language Teacher with Lacunza International House in San Sebastian, Spain, and qualified in 2004. Since then I have taught in colleges of further education, language academies and to students from all around the world via the internet. I really love my job and the intricacies of the Spanish Language.

I very much hope you enjoy the free video, audio, and written Spanish lessons available here on my blog and recommend that you also join the Facebook Group, subscribe to the YouTube Channel, and like and follow the Facebook Page. I also offer Personal Coaching via live online Skype classes and/or corrected written exercises + Q&As.

Please get in touch or leave your comments if you have any questions at any time. I’d love to hear from you!



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