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Essential Spanish Phrasebook

By Laura Garrido Eslava & Adam Skelton

Over 1500 Spanish words and phrases for everyday use

Essential Spanish English Phrasebook from The Spanish Blog

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(Total pages: 138 pages. Size: 7.9 x 5 x 0.5 inches. Delivery: 1-3 weeks)

  • Immediate & effective Spanish communication
  • Over 1500 words and phrases to help you not just survive, but socialise and have fun wherever you may find yourself.
  • No prior knowledge of Spanish is necessary and there is no need to worry about grammar.
  • Clear and direct modern phrases; carefully designed to be easily spoken and quickly understood.
  • An appropriate mix of colloquial and formal Spanish.
  • Simple-to-use phonetic spellings with every phrase for perfect pronunciation.

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Part 1: Meeting & greeting
Part 2: Everyday words & phrases
Part 3: Common signs
Part 4: The time & numbers
Part 5: Days, months & dates
Part 6: The weather
Part 7: Problems & emergencies
Part 8: In a town or city & directions
Part 9: Sightseeing
Part 10: Organising travel tickets
Part 11: Travelling by bus, train, tram & underground
Part 12: Travelling by aeroplane
Part 13: Travelling by ship, ferry & boat
Part 14: Travelling by taxi
Part 15: Travelling by car, motorcycle & bicycle
Part 16: Road signs
Part 17: At a hotel
Part 18: Rented accommodation
Part 19: Eating out, food & drink
Part 20: Socialising & nightlife
Part 21: At a beach
Part 22: Children
Part 23: Health & the parts of the body
Part 24: Shopping, clothes & colours
Part 25: Computers & the Internet
Part 26: On the telephone
Part 27: In a bank
Part 28: In a post office
Part 29: In a launderette or dry cleaner
Part 30: In a hairdressing salon

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