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Spanish Video Lesson: Numbers in Spanish

CLICK FOR LESSON NOTES Spanish numbers 1-100 and how to ask and state age ¿Cuantos años tienes?: How old are you? (friendly)¿Cuantos años tiene usted? How old are you? (formal)Tengo….: I have….Tengo 30 años: I have 30 years (In Spanish, we do not say I am 30 years...

Spanish Video Lesson: Nationalities in Spanish

CLICK FOR LESSON NOTES How to state your nationality in Spanish and ask the nationality of others. ¿De dónde eres?: Where are you from? (friendly) ¿De dónde es usted? Where are you from? (formal) Soy… : I am… Inglés: English (man) Inglesa: English (woman) Escocés:...

Spanish Video Lesson: Spanish Introductions

CLICK FOR LESSON NOTES Basic greetings, pleasantries and goodbyes in Spanish Hola: Hello Buenos días: Good morning Buenas tardes: Good afternoon Buenas noches: Good evening/Good night ¿Cómo te llamas?: What´s your name? (friendly) ¿Cómo se llama usted?: What´s your...

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