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How to improve Spanish skills by watching TV shows

Improve Spanish skills by watching TV shows


Is there anything better than sitting on the sofa and watching TV? But did you know that you can actually study this way? And did you know that you can learn a foreign language this way? One thing’s for sure: if you are bored by your language tools, you are doing something wrong.


There are so many fun ways to learn languages, it’s a shame you don’t try them out. Which brings us to our favorite way of learning. TV shows! Even though you shouldn’t be watching TV all the time, recent research studies have shown that watching shows in a foreign language can actually help you improve it. This goes for the Spanish language, too. Spanish is among the five most popular languages for learning. And one of the easiest ones for English speakers. There are also more than 20 Spanish speaking countries.


Surely now you are wondering how to improve your Spanish skills by watching TV shows. Here are our tips and tricks that you can try out even today…


How to improve Spanish skills by watching TV shows



What are the benefits of learning Spanish with TV shows?


– You can expand your vocabulary. In shows, there are so many words and synonyms used, so pay close attention. With time, you will start implementing new words naturally and casually.

– Shows tend to be shorter and repetitive, which means that you can practice phrases.

– Quite often, in TV shows you can hear slang and informal language.

– The rhythm of the spoken language is a bit different, faster, and specific, so you can easily learn and practice along with the show.

– Watching shows is fun! Perhaps this is the most important benefit of learning with them. If you think are bored by your language lessons, your chances of succeeding are very small.



How to learn Spanish with TV shows?


The perfect way to train yourself to understand Spanish is through TV shows. Read on for several suggestions, which you can easily implement and watch your skills improve.


Watch shows regularly

The good thing about TV shows is that they are regular: once or twice a week, on weekends, or, perhaps, on Mondays… The point is that you can watch them regularly. In the beginning, you may not understand half of the show but just be patient. With every new episode, you will understand more and more.

Learn new words and phrases with TV shows

As already mentioned, you can’t expect to understand every single word, especially in the beginning. Since TV shows are repetitive, for a fresh start, we recommend writing down every unfamiliar word or phrase. Frequently repeated words and phrases are great for you because you can look them up, comprehend them, and even use them in similar contexts later.

Learn different Spanish dialects

Spanish is the language spoken in more than 20 languages in the world such as Spain, more than half of countries in South America, and several ones in Africa. This means that you can choose the dialect you wish to learn. You can also learn several ones, depending on the shows you are watching. This way you can make a difference if Spanish speakers come from Mexico, Venezuela or Spain, and impress the natives in conversations. If you learn slang too, then native speakers will be even more than delighted. And who says watching TV is bad?

Write phrases and slang down

You’re already familiar with the benefits of watching TV shows. This means that you should write down frequently used phrases, and more importantly, slang. After the show is over, take a look and make some new sentences to make sure you’ve understood them completely. When the next episode comes, pay attention to the new ones, as well as the phrases already used in previous episodes.

Don’t use subtitles

In order to really learn and implement new words and phrases, we don’t recommend using the subtitles. Use your comprehension skills and be focused, especially on the context. There is no doubt you will find it pretty hard in the start. However, keep watching and, in no time, you will realize that you actually don’t need the subtitles at all.

Have fun while watching

Who says that learning Spanish can be hard and exhausting? Learning with TV shows is a fun way to learn. Make popcorn and have a nice drink, take a seat at the comfortable sofa, turn on the show, and simply have fun. You won’t even notice that you’ve mastered new phrases or slang, or that you no longer need that much time to express your thoughts.



Some interesting TV shows for learning Spanish


If you aren’t quite familiar with Spanish TV shows, take a look at the following ones. You can also search for more of them online, as long as you find the ones that suit you the best.


Mi Vida Loca, ideal for beginners. This is a free TV series by BBC. You can find around 20 episodes, as well as exercises after you watch them.

RTVE is a public Spanish corporation, also available for free. There are no subtitles, and the site is in Spanish, so it isn’t adequate for beginners, but more for the intermediate and advanced learners. According to students, the series Isabel is the most popular.

Destinos, ideal for Spanish language students. This is the telenovela Spanish students find quite interesting and helpful in learning Spanish. The main reason is that in the beginning, you can find both English and Spanish. As you go to the next episodes, you will need English less and less.



Final thoughts

There’s no doubt that studying can be fun. It is important that you find your learning style. Similarly, as long as you find the show that works best for you, your chances of becoming fluent are higher.

Which Spanish show will be the first you binge-watch today? Let us know in the comments below and enjoy the learning process!


Author’s bio


Andrijana is a content writer and a marketing manager at Justlearn. She speaks three languages and is quite a big language enthusiast. In her spare time, she enjoys binge-watching or as she likes to call it “skill building”. Her favorite things to do are cook, eat and drink coffee.


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