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Comprehensive, fun, easy-to-follow Spanish courses of video lessons (with notes), conversation audios (with transcripts), interactive exercises (with answers), and texts (with transcripts).

Pre-Intermediate Spanish Practice CourseA video lesson from the Pre-Intermediate Spanish Practice Course which practices the 69 topics of the Pre-Intermediate Spanish Theory Course.

This is the 20th Spanish lesson in the Pre-Intermediate Spanish Practice Course. This is an interactive Spanish video where you have the opportunity to practice Spanish at pre-intermediate level with a native Spanish speaker.

In this interactive Spanish video lesson we will practice using one of the most vital and essential Spanish verbs Hay que (One has to) with obligations and suggestions. This lesson is part of a series of three video lessons looking at obligations and suggestions in Spanish. In the other videos we practiced using the equally important Spanish verbs of obligation and suggestion: Tener que (Have to) and Deber (Must).

Please try to watch the video first before looking at the lesson notes. Answers to all tasks involved in the lesson will be given at the end of the post. Try not to look at the answers until you have tried a good few times to give your own responses.

This lesson practices the information taught in Pre-Intermediate Spanish Lesson 20: Using Hay que with obligations and suggestions from my Pre-Intermediate Spanish Course.

Lesson notes:

Dime que “hay que hacer” si se viaja a estas ciudades:
Tell me what one has to do if one travels to the following countries. For example, if I say “Italia” you could say “hay que comer pizza” which means “one has to eat pizza”:

1. Inglaterra
2. Francia
3. Estados Unidos
4. Holanda
5. Méjico
6. España
7. Brasil
8. China

Voy a decir algunas frases en español utilizando “hay que” y quiero que me digas en inglés lo que he dicho:
I am going to say a few sentences in Spanish using the verb “hay que” and I would like you to tell me what I have said in English:

1. Hay que hablar español en clase
2. Hay que dormir
3. Hay que comer fruta y verdura
4. Hay que estudiar mucho




(Possible answers)

1. Hay que visitar Devon y Cornwall
2. Hay que comer caracoles
3. Hay que visitar Nueva York
4. Hay que viajar en bicicleta
5. Hay que comer chimichangas
6. Hay que visitar el norte de España
7. Hay que ver el carnaval
8. Hay que ver la Muralla China

1. One has to speak Spanish in class
2. One has to sleep
3. One has to eat fruit and vegetables
4. One has to study a lot

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