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Comprehensive, fun, easy-to-follow Spanish courses of video lessons (with notes), conversation audios (with transcripts), interactive exercises (with answers), and texts (with transcripts).

Pre-Intermediate Spanish Practice CourseA video lesson from the Pre-Intermediate Spanish Practice Course which practices the 69 topics of the Pre-Intermediate Spanish Theory Course.

This is the 9th Spanish lesson in the Pre-Intermediate Spanish Practice Course. This is an interactive Spanish video where you have the opportunity to practice Spanish at pre-intermediate level with a native Spanish speaker.

In this Spanish lesson we will practice more about describing how the weather is in Spanish, with some useful and very commonly heard Spanish phrases and structures. This interactive Spanish video lesson follows on from the previous lesson which gave you the chance to practice understanding a basic Spanish weather forecast. If and when you come to visit Spain you are very likely to enjoy some great weather with lots of sunshine. This can’t be guaranteed, especially in the north where I am from, but in southern and south eastern parts of Spain there is little to complain about other than the heat. I suppose this is why so many northern Europeans come to the Costas on holiday – to find a bit of sunshine all year round. Where I live now, in Alicante, in south eastern Spain, it almost never rains (really), apart from a little unsettled weather in September/October and maybe a day or two of showers during the winter. I also love the heat. So no complaints here!

Please try to watch the video first before looking at the lesson notes. Answers to all tasks involved in the lesson will be given at the end of the post. Try not to look at the answers until you have tried a good few times to give your own responses.

This lesson practices the information taught in Pre-Intermediate Spanish Lesson 9: More practice talking about the weather in Spanish from my Pre-Intermediate Spanish Course.

Lesson notes:

Dí las siguientes expresiones sobre el tiempo en inglés:
Please say the following expressions about the weather in English:

1. ¡Qué frío tengo!
2. Hace un día horrible
3. No hace nada de calor
4. ¿Qué tiempo hace allí?
5. Aquí siempre hace muchísimo frío en esta época
6. Estamos a veinte grados
7. Hace un día bastante bueno
8. Estamos a cinco grados bajo cero

Dí las siguientes expresiones sobre el tiempo en español:
Please say the following expressions about the weather in Spanish:

9. It´s really cold!
10. Are you cold?
11. It´s not cold at all
12. I am so hot!
13. It is a very bad day
14. It´s always very very hot here at this time of the year
15. We are at eleven degrees below zero
16. It´s quite a good day




1. I am so cold!
2. It´s a horrible day
3. It is not hot at all
4. How is the weather like there?
5. It´s always very very cold here at this time of the year
6. We are at twenty degrees
7. It is quite a good day
8. We are at five degrees below zero
9. ¡Hace muchísimo frío!
10. ¿Tienes frío?
11. No hace nada de frío
12. ¡Qué calor tengo!
13. Hace un día muy malo
14. Aquí siempre hace muchísimo calor en esta época
15. Estamos a once grados bajo cero
16. Hace un día bastante bueno

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