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This lesson is part of the Beginner Practice Spanish Course
(58 Spanish video or mp3 lessons. 2 hrs 28 mins)

Beginner Spanish Practice MP3 CourseBeginner Spanish Practice Video Course

This is an interactive Spanish video where you have the opportunity of practicing Spanish at beginner level with a native Spanish speaker.

In this Spanish lesson we will be practicing Spanish prepositions of place, such as “in front of”, “behind”, “opposite”, “next to”, etc. In recent lessons we have been looking at how to manage when out and about in a town of city speaking Spanish: asking and giving directions in Spanish and understanding the names of various typical places, shops and buildings. In today’s Spanish lesson we will be practicing Spanish prepositions in order to understand the exact location of a certain building or place.

Please try to watch the video first before looking at the lesson notes. Answers to all tasks involved in the lesson will be given at the end of the post. Try not to look at the answers until you have tried a good few times to give your own responses.

This lesson practices the information taught in Beginner Spanish Lesson 13: Spanish prepositions of place from my Beginner Spanish Course.

Lesson notes:

How do you say the following questions and answers in Spanish:

1. Where is there a tourist information office?

2. There is a tourist information office opposite the town hall

3. Where is the bus station?

4. The bus station is between the post office and the police station

Now translate the following questions and answers from Spanish to English:

5. ¿Dónde está el centro comercial?

6. El centro comercial está al lado de la estación de tren

7. ¿Dónde hay una iglesia?

8. Hay una iglesia en la esquina de la calle Central y la calle Mayor




1. ¿Dónde hay una oficina de turismo?
2. Hay una oficina de turismo enfrente del ayuntamiento
3. ¿Dónde está la estación de autobuses?
4. La estación de autobuses está entre Correos y la comisaría
5. Where is the shopping centre?
6. The shopping centre is next to the train station
7. Where is there a church?
8. There is a church on the corner of Central Street and Mayor Street

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