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This lesson is part of the Beginner Practice Spanish Course
(58 Spanish video or mp3 lessons. 2 hrs 28 mins)

Beginner Spanish Practice MP3 CourseBeginner Spanish Practice Video Course

This is an interactive Spanish video where you get the chance to practice your Spanish at beginner level with a native Spanish speaker.

In this Spanish lesson we will practice lots of useful vocabulary related to bar foods in Spanish in order to help you feel more confident when speaking Spanish in a bar. In the original theory lesson we saw lots of common bar food vocabulary, such as chips, and more typically Spanish bar foods such as cured ham, fried squid in batter and Spanish omelette. Let’s see how much you remember!

Please try to watch the video first before looking at the lesson notes. Answers to all tasks involved in the lesson will be given at the end of the post. Try not to look at the answers until you have tried a good few times to give your own responses.

This lesson practices the information taught in Beginner Spanish Lesson 6: Speaking Spanish in a bar from my Beginner Spanish Course.

Lesson notes:

Please state the following bar foods in Spanish:

1. Some squid fried in batter

2. Some olives

3. A cheese baguette

4. A portion of the best quality cured ham

5. Four little Spanish pasties

6. Some chips

7. A cooked ham sandwich

8. Two portions of Spanish omelette




1. Unos calamares a la romana / Unas rabas
2. Unas aceitunas
3. Un bocadillo de queso
4. Una ración de jamón ibérico
5. Cuatro empanadillas
6. Unas patatas fritas
7. Un sandwich de jamón de York
8. Dos raciones de tortilla de patata

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