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Beginner Spanish Lessons Music vocabulary in Spanish

Beginner Spanish VocabularyA video from the Beginner Spanish Vocabulary Course

*Essential Spanish words on useful everyday topics*
*Build your Spanish vocabulary with Laura*

This is another of my beginner Spanish lessons from the Spanish Vocabulary Course with lots of useful Music vocabulary in Spanish.

There are three Spanish lessons on the topic of Music vocabulary in Spanish at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. This is the first in the series and in this video you will learn how to correctly pronounce the vocabulary in Spanish for things such as “jazz”, “blues”, “heavy metal”, “hip hop”, “rock ‘n’ roll” and “radio”.

I suggest that you watch these video lessons various times until the words start to stick in your head. You should also try to repeat each word after me to slowly, but surely, improve your Spanish pronunciation. Building vocabulary in any new language takes a lot of time and is usually one of the most frustrating elements of learning a foreign language. There is, of course, so much vocabulary in Spanish that it is impossible to cover everything, but I hope to provide you with a broad selection of many useful Spanish words.

This is lesson 94 in this Spanish Vocabulary Course. Please click here to catch up on all the other lessons.

Lesson notes:

Listen and repeat the following words:

La música: music
El músico: musician
La canción: song
La radio: radio
La música clásica: classical music
La música country: country music
La música dance: dance music
La música disco: disco music
La música electrónica: electronic music
El heavy metal: heavy metal music
El jazz: jazz music
El blues: blues music
La música folk: folk music
El rhythm and blues: rhythm ‘n’ blues music
El rock and roll: rock ‘n’ roll music
La música pop: pop music
La música alternativa: alternative music
El rap: rap music
El hip hop: hip hop music
La música rock: rock music
El punk: punk music
La música latina: latin music
El reggae: reggae music
La opera: opera music
La música coral: choir music


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