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Beginner Spanish Lesson Words in Spanish related to books

Beginner Spanish VocabularyA video from the Beginner Spanish Vocabulary Course

*Essential Spanish words on useful everyday topics*
*Build your Spanish vocabulary with Laura*

This is a new beginner Spanish lesson from the Spanish Vocabulary Course. In this video you will learn lots of words in Spanish related to books.

You will practice the words in Spanish for such things as “author”, “writer”, “plot”, “illustrations”, “poet” and “publishers”. There will be three Spanish lessons in total on this subject. The other two lessons will be at intermediate and advanced levels with slightly more complex and unusual words in Spanish.

Reading in Spanish is such an important skill when learning the language and if you love books and love reading it makes everything so much easier. If you can find a book to read in Spanish that you genuinely find interesting then you are on your way to making big improvements. The key to learning Spanish, and any other foreign language for that matter, is to practice with the language every day and to genuinely enjoy your time doing it. If you are not properly interested, then things will not go in or stick. Try to find a book in Spanish that you really want to read and read it little and often.

If you are not a fan of reading books or just don’t have the time, then try to start reading your internet pages in Spanish. Try to get into the habit of reading a Spanish newspaper online every day to catch up on the news and whenever possible choose the Spanish language version option for other websites you usually use.

This is lesson 97 in this Spanish Vocabulary Course. Please click here to find all the other lessons.

Lesson notes:

Listen and repeat the following words:

El libro: book
El autor / La autora: author
El/la novelista: novelist
El escritor / La escritora: writer
El poeta / La poetisa: poet
El lector / La lectora: reader
La biblioteca: library
La librería: book store
La copia: copy
La librería / La estantería: book case
El estante: book shelf
La colección de libros: book collection
El título: title
La historia: story
El argumento / La trama: plot
El diálogo: dialogue
El escenario: setting
Las ilustraciones: illustrations
Las editorials: publishers
Publicado: published
Sin publicar: unpublished


  1. Thank you as always Andrew.
    I really appreciate your support!

    • You’re welcome, I love your site!


  2. ¡Y el género! That word (“género”) can mean either “genre” or “gender”, fellow English speakers learning Spanish, don’t forget!

    Thanks again for the awesome free lessons, Laura, I refer a lot of people to your site as a result, keep it up.



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