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Advanced Spanish Lessons Words in Spanish related to music

Advanced Spanish VocabularyA video from the Advanced Spanish Vocabulary Course

*Essential Spanish words on useful everyday topics*
*Build your Spanish vocabulary with Laura*

This is another of my advanced Spanish lessons from the Spanish Vocabulary Course, this time with lots of useful words in Spanish related to music.

There are three Spanish lessons on the topic of words in Spanish related to music at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. This is the third and final in the series and in this video you will learn how to correctly pronounce the words in Spanish for such things as “melody”, “rhythm”, “acoustic”, “harmony”, “lyrics” and “songwriter”.

I suggest that you watch these video lessons various times until the words start to stick in your head. You should also try to repeat each word after me to slowly, but surely, improve your Spanish pronunciation. Building vocabulary in any new language takes a lot of time and is usually one of the most frustrating elements of learning a foreign language. There are, of course, so many words in Spanish that it is impossible to cover everything, but I hope to provide you with a broad selection of useful Spanish vocabulary.

This is lesson 96 in this Spanish Vocabulary Course. Please click here to catch up on all the other lessons.

Lesson notes:

Listen and repeat the following words:

La melodía: melody
El estribillo: chorus
La estrofa: verse
El dueto: duet
El acorde: chord
La nota: note
El ritmo: rhythm
El tiempo: tempo
La tonalidad: key
El tono: pitch
Estéreo: stereo
Monofónico: mono
Acústico: acoustic
El álbum: album
El single: single
El volumen: volume
Afinado: in tune
Desafinado: out of tune
La armonía: harmony
La letra: lyrics
Compositor: songwriter
Cantautor: singer songwriter
La recopilación: compilation
El disco de vinilo: vinyl record


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