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Beginner Spanish Vocabulary Lesson: Travel Spanish in a hotel

Beginner Spanish VocabularyA video from the Beginner Spanish Vocabulary Course

*Essential Spanish words on useful everyday topics*
*Build your Spanish vocabulary with Laura*

We continue our Spanish Vocabulary Course with a beginner Spanish vocabulary lesson looking at useful words related to travel Spanish in a hotel.

In this video lesson we learn how to correctly pronounce the Spanish vocabulary for such things as “room”, “reservation”, “luggage”, “floor”, and “invoice”. There are three videos in total in this series, at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels with loads of essential Spanish in a hotel vocabulary.

Repeat the words after me and try to copy my pronunciation as closely as possible. I hope that by listening to lots and lots of useful Spanish words in these vocabulary course videos you will start remembering a wide variety of Spanish vocabulary. If you live in a Spanish speaking country it is relatively easy to collect vocabulary every day, but if you live outside of Spain or Latin America your task is much harder. As with everything, the best policy is to study these vocabulary lessons little and often. Choose your level, beginner, intermediate or advanced, and then start watching at least one video per day. It won’t take long before you have a great repertoire of Spanish vocabulary and this is absolutely essential for fluent conversation and understanding.

This is lesson 85 in this Spanish Vocabulary video course. Please click here to catch up on all the other lessons.

Lesson notes:

Listen and repeat the following words:

La habitación: room
El cuarto de baño: bathroom
La recepción: reception
El comedor: dining room
El desayuno: breakfast
El almuerzo: mid-morning snack-time
El tentempié: snack
La comida: lunch
La cena: dinner
El jabón: soap
Las toallas: towels
La reserva: booking/reservation
El equipaje: luggage
El ascensor: lift/elevator
La planta: floor
La primera planta: 1st floor
La segunda planta: 2nd floor
La tercera planta: 3rd floor
La cuarta planta: 4th floor
La llave: key
La tarjeta llavero: key card
La factura: invoice
La cuenta: bill/cheque
El director: manager
El/La recepcionista: receptionist
El camarero: waiter
La camarera: waitress


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