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Beginner Spanish Vocabulary Course: Soft and alcoholic drinks in Spanish

Beginner Spanish VocabularyA video from the Beginner Spanish Vocabulary Course

*Essential Spanish words on useful everyday topics*
*Build your Spanish vocabulary with Laura*

This is another beginner Spanish vocabulary lesson from the Spanish Vocabulary Course providing you with another great useful list of everyday Spanish words.

In this video lesson we learn how to correctly pronounce lots of drinks in Spanish, such as “red wine”, “white coffee”, “orange juice”, “beer”, and “tea”. There are three videos in total in this series, at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels with lots of useful Spanish vocabulary related to soft and alcoholic drinks in Spanish.

I recommend that you watch this video lesson a few times and repeat the words along with me concentrating on trying to replicate my Spanish pronunciation. If you watch one or two vocabulary video lessons every day and repeat all the words in this fashion you will very soon find your style of Spanish pronunciation improving rapidly due to all of the repetition.

This is lesson 88 in this Spanish Vocabulary video course. Please click here to catch up on all the other lessons.

Lesson notes:

Listen and repeat the following words:

La bebida: drink
El refresco: soft drink
Agua con gas: sparkling water
Agua sin gas: still water
La leche: milk
El zumo: juice
El zumo de naranja: orange juice
El zumo de naranja natural: fresh orange juice
El café con leche: white coffee
El café americano: black coffee
El café solo: expresso coffee
El chocolate caliente: hot chocolate
El té: tea
El alcohol: alcohol
La bebida alcohólica: alcoholic drink
Un vaso de…: a glass of…
Una botella de…: a bottle of…
Una jarra de…: a jug of…
El vino blanco: white wine
El vino tinto: red wine
El vino Rosado: rosé wine
La cerveza: beer


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