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Advanced Spanish Vocabulary: Spanish fruits and nuts

Advanced Spanish VocabularyA video from the Advanced Spanish Vocabulary Course

Build your Spanish vocabulary with Laura

We continue our Spanish Vocabulary Course with an advanced Spanish video lesson looking at Spanish fruits and nuts.

In this video we learn how to correctly pronounce the Spanish words for such things as “avocado”, “fig”, “apricot”, “date”, and “passion fruit”. There are three videos in total in this series, at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels with loads of useful Spanish fruits and nuts vocabulary.

My aim with this Spanish Vocabulary Course is to provide you with lots of everyday Spanish words on topics that are genuinely useful. I hope you are enjoying the course so far and you are steadily building up your repertoire of Spanish vocabulary. The best way, as always, is to study and practice Spanish little and often. Be careful with your pronunciation and play the videos many times, repeating each word after me, so that the words stick in your head.

This is lesson 84 in this Spanish Vocabulary video course. Please click here to catch up on all the other lessons.

Lesson notes:

Listen and repeat the following words:

El aguacate: avocado
El dátil: date
El albaricoque: apricot
El maracuyá: passion fruit
La nectarina: nectarine
El higo: fig
La granada: pomegranate
La guinda: morello cherry
La chirimoya: cherimoya
El membrillo: quince
El níspero: medlar
La papaya: pawpaw
El caqui: persimmon
La guayaba: guava
La pasa/La uva pasa: raisin, sultana
La ciruela pasa: prune
El orejón: dried peach or apricot
El tamarindo: tamarind


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