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In this advanced Spanish lesson we will carry on investigating the many everyday Spanish expressions featuring colours – Expresiones en español con colores – such as Verlo todo negro (which means to see everything in a negative and pessimistic way) or Poner a uno negro (which means to irritate someone very much).

This is the third and final Spanish lesson in the series on this topic. Please click here if you wish to see the previous video lesson and please click here if you wish to see the first video in the series. I hope very much that you have enjoyed these lessons and they help you in your quest to understand better and speak more like native Spanish speakers.

There are an incredible amount of Spanish expressions and phrases which we use all the time in everyday conversation. Most have no logical sense and so if you have never heard these expressions before you can easily get lost in a conversation with a native speaker. It takes a long time to learn a good repertoire of everyday Spanish expressions so there really is no time like the present to start collecting.

I hope that you like this course of Advanced Spanish video lessons. This is lesson 75. Please click here to catch up on all the other lessons.

Lesson notes:

Vamos a continuar con las expresiones con colores.

Como ya sabéis, en español tenemos muchísimas expresiones que usamos muy a menudo.

Ponerse rojo/colorado: ruborizarse
“Carlos es muy tímido y se pone rojo en muchas ocasiones”

Verlo todo negro: ser pesimista
“No encuentro solución a mis problemas, lo veo todo muy negro”

Ponerse negro / Estar negro: Ponerse/estar muy enfadado/a
“Estoy negra. Ibamos a ir de excursión al monte y está lloviendo”

Poner a uno negro: irritar mucho a una persona
“Me pone negra que no me escuches cuando te hablo”

Pasarlas negras: Tener mucha dificultad para hacer algo
“Ayer las pasé negras para arreglar el ordenador”

Tener la negra: Tener mala suerte
“No consigo encontrar trabajo. ¡Tengo la negra!”

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