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In this advanced Spanish lesson we will continue looking at the many useful Spanish expressions with colours – Expresiones en español con colores – such as Poner verde a alguien (which means to talk badly about another person) or Ver las cosas de color de rosa (which means to see things in an optimistic way).

This is the second Spanish lesson in the series on this topic. There will be one more lesson to follow and you can see the previous video lesson by following this link. I hope very much that you enjoy these lessons and they help you in your quest to understand better and speak more like native Spanish speakers.

There are an incredible amount of Spanish expressions and phrases which we use all the time in every day conversation. Most have no logical sense and so if you have never heard these expressions before you can easily get lost in a conversation with a native speaker. It takes a long time to learn a good repertoire of useful Spanish expressions so there really is no time like the present to start collecting.

I hope that you are enjoying this course of Advanced Spanish video lessons. This is lesson 74 so far. Please click here to catch up on all the other lessons.

Lesson notes:

Vamos a continuar con las expresiones con colores.

Como ya sabéis, en español tenemos muchísimas expresiones que usamos muy a menudo.

Poner verde a alguien: Hablar mal de otra persona
“Clara es muy criticona. Pone verde a todo el mundo”

Ponerse verde de envidia: sentir mucha envidia por alguien
“Antonio se puso verde de envidia cuando vio tu coche nuevo”

Ser verde: ser ecologista
“Mis vecinos son muy verdes. Reciclan todo, no tienen coche y viajan siempre en bicicleta”

Dar luz verde: aprobar algo
“Puedo cogerme las vacaciones la semana que viene. Mi jefe me ha dado luz verde.”

El príncipe azul: el hombre ideal, el hombre de tus sueños
“Roberto es mi príncipe azul. Es perfecto”

Ver las cosas de color de rosa: Ver las cosas de forma optimista
“María ve todo de color de rosa, es una chica muy optimista”

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