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In this Spanish video lesson from my Advanced Spanish course we will take a detailed look at the Spanish word Poco, as well as Poca, Un poco, Pocos, etc.

This is a very commonly used Spanish word that you will have seen and heard many times, but it is also one that can prove a bit tricky and many of my Spanish students have voiced their doubts as to certain uses and meanings.

This is the first in a series of two videos on the Spanish word Poco and I aim to resolve all of your uncertainties.

I hope that you are enjoying this course of Advanced Spanish video lessons. This is lesson 67 so far. Please click here to catch up on all the other lessons.

Lesson notes:

En esta clase vamos a hablar de la palabra “poco”.

Me imagino que alguna vez habéis dudado entre usar la palabra “poco”, “poca”, “un poco”, “pocos”…

Vamos a ver qué usar en diferentes situaciones.

Si la palabra “poco” se refiere a un sustantivo, entonces tiene que concordar en género y número con dicho sustantivo. Por ejemplo: “Pocas personas”, “poco dinero”, “pocos hermanos”, “poca grasa”…

Si por el contrario, la palabra “poco” se refiere a un adjetivo, entonces debes usar siempre la forma masculina, singular “poco”: “poco simpático”, “poco simpática”, “poco saludable”, “poco listo”, “poco lista”.

Cuando se refiere a un verbo pasa igual, usamos siempre “poco”: “como poco”, “compramos poco”, “hablan poco”…

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