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In this Spanish video lesson from my advanced Spanish course we will be taking a look at many useful everyday Spanish phrases which utilise the Spanish word Hombre. This is the second lesson on this topic. Hombre is a word that you will probably already know as meaning “Man” in English, but you may not be aware of the numerous Spanish phrases which use this word.

We will be looking at more common Spanish words, such as Hombre and Leche (Milk), that are used in many other contexts to signify a wide array of different things. Sometimes the Spanish student will find themselves lost in a conversation with a native speaker who uses lots of everyday Spanish phrases and my aim is to familiarise you all with as many useful colloquial gems as I can so that you can understand and be understood wherever you may find yourselves.

I hope that you are enjoying this course of Advanced Spanish video lessons. This is lesson 60 so far. Please click here to catch up on all the other lessons..

Lesson notes:

Vamos a hablar de una palabra que se usa muchísimo en español en diferentes situaciones.

Se trata de la palabra “hombre”.

Usamos esta palabra junto con otras para crear diferentes expresiones:

Hombre de bien: upstanding man.
Hombre de confianza: right-hand man.
Hombre de estado: statesman.
Hombre del tiempo: weatherman.
Hombre de mundo: man of the world.
Hombre de negocios: businessman.
Hombre de paja: (en política) puppet;(en negocio sucio) front man, straw man.
Hombre lobo: werewolf.
Hombre medio/de la calle: man in the street.
Hombre orquesta: (música) one-man band.
Hombre rana: frogman, diver.

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