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We are going to continue our Spanish Vocabulary Video Course with a new set of three Spanish video lessons at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels about things commonly found in the office.

Today’s video lesson is at beginner level about the office la oficina / el despacho and shows you how to correctly pronounce the words in Spanish for “desk”, “folder”, “fax machine”, “note book” and much, much more.

Collecting words in Spanish when you don’t live in a Spanish speaking country can be one of the trickiest parts of improving your command of the Spanish language. It is something that can’t be rushed. The best strategy is to be disciplined in studying ten or so new Spanish words every day. Any more and you probably won’t remember them. Start by concentrating on Spanish words that are most useful to you in your day to day life, but make sure you also branch out and take in a wide range of Spanish vocabulary.

This lesson is part of the Spanish Vocabulary Course and all of the lessons in this course are available completely FREE.

Spanish Vocabulary Lesson 73 Beginner Level The office

Listen and repeat the following words:

La oficina/El despacho: Office
El escritorio: Desk
El bolígrafo: Pen
El lápiz: Pencil
La calculadora: Calculator
La carpeta: Folder/File
La carta: Letter
El sello: Stamp
El sobre: Envelope
El documento: Document
El archivo: File (document)/Archive (place)
Guardar/Archivar: To save/archive
El bloc / El cuaderno: Writing pad
El teléfono: Telephone
Coger/Contestar el teléfono: To answer the telephone
Llamar por teléfono: To telephone
El contestador automático: Answering machine/Answer phone
El corrector líquido: Correcting fluid (Tipp-ex)
El correo: Mail
Enviar por correo: To post/mail
El fax: Fax machine
Enviar un fax: To fax
El escáner: Scanner
El folio/La hoja: Sheet of paper
La anotación/El apunte: Note
La libreta: Note book
La papelera: Wastepaper bin
El ordenador: Computer
El asistente personal: Personal Assistant
El secretario/La secretaria: Secretary

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