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We continue our Spanish Vocabulary Video Course with three Spanish video lessons at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels about The Family in Spanish (“La familia”).

Today’s beginner level Spanish vocabulary video lesson shows you how to correctly pronounce the Spanish vocabulary for words such as “husband”, “wife”, “brother”, “sister”, “grandparents” and much, much more.

I hope you are all enjoying this course of video lessons aimed at helping you to build your Spanish vocabulary. So far we have covered topics such as the office, computers, animals, the house, sports, clothes, babies and money. Try to watch the videos little and often so that the Spanish vocabulary sticks in your head and remember to repeat the Spanish words after me to make sure you are pronouncing them correctly.

Good luck and enjoy!

Spanish Vocabulary Video Lesson 76 Beginner Level The family

Listen and repeat the following words:

El marido/El esposo: Husband
La mujer/La esposa: Wife
El padre: Father
La madre: Mother
Mamá: Mum
Papá: Dad
Mami: Mummy
Papi: Daddy
Los padres: Parents
El hijo: Son
La hija: Daughter
Los hijos: Children (sons & daughters)
El hermano: Brother
La hermana: Sister
Los hermanos: Brothers and sisters
El abuelo: Grandfather/Granddad
La abuela: Grandmother/Grandma
Los abuelos: Grandparents
El nieto: Grandson
La nieta: Grandaughter
Los nietos: Grandchildren

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