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Spanish vocabulary in the office at advanced level

We continue our Spanish Vocabulary Video Course with three Spanish video lessons at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels about things commonly found in the office.

Today’s Spanish video lesson is at advanced level about “The Office” (La oficina / El despacho) and shows you how to correctly pronounce Spanish vocabulary in the office such as “meeting”, “boardroom”, “stapler”, “briefcase”, “paperwork” and much, much more.

Collecting Spanish vocabulary when you don’t live in a Spanish speaking country can be one of the trickiest parts of improving your command of the Spanish language. It is something that can’t be rushed. The best strategy to increase your repertoire of Spanish vocabulary is to be disciplined in studying ten or so new words every day. Any more and you probably won’t remember them. Start by concentrating on the Spanish vocabulary that is most useful to you in your day to day life, but make sure you also branch out and take in a wide range of words.

This lesson is part of the Spanish Vocabulary Course and all of the lessons in this course are available completely FREE.

Spanish Vocabulary Lesson 75 Advanced Level The office

Listen and repeat the following words:

La reunión: The meeting
El salón de reuniones: Meeting room
El salón del directorio: Boardroom
El abrecartas: Paper knife
El folio tamaño A4: A4 sheet of paper
La grapa: Staple
La grapadora: Stapler/Stapling gun
El clip: Paper clip
La hoja de cálculo: Spreadsheet
El inventario: Inventory/Stocktake
EL libro de contabilidad: Accounts book
El mecanógrafo/La mecanógrafa: Typist
La recepción: Reception/Front desk
El/La recepcionista: Receptionist
El informático/La informática: Computer technician
El ordenador de gestión: Business computer
El ordenador personal: Personal computer
El ordenador central: Mainframe computer
El servidor: Server
El fichero informativo: Computer file
Los gráficos por ordenador: Computer graphics
El fichero de datos: Data file
El papel continuo: Continuous feed paper
El papel cuadriculado: Squared paper
El papel de cartas: Note paper
La pluma estilográfica: Fountain pen
El pisapapeles: Paperweight
El portadocumentos: Document holder
El portalápices para escritorio: Pencil holder
El portaminas: Propelling pencil
El maletín: Briefcase
El procesador de textos: Word processor
El trabajo administrativo: Paperwork


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