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Spanish office vocabulary at intermediate level

We continue our Spanish Vocabulary Video Course with three Spanish video lessons at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels about things commonly found in the office.

Today’s Spanish video lesson is at intermediate level about “The Office” (La oficina / El despacho) and shows you how to correctly pronounce Spanish office vocabulary for words such as “ring binder”, “sticky tape”, “printer”, “ink”, “scissors” and much, much more.

Collecting Spanish vocabulary when you don’t live in a Spanish speaking country can be one of the trickiest parts of improving your command of the Spanish language. It is something that can’t be rushed. The best strategy to increase your repertoire of Spanish vocabulary is to be disciplined in studying ten or so new words every day. Any more and you probably won’t remember them. Start by concentrating on the Spanish vocabulary that is most useful to you in your day to day life, but make sure you also branch out and take in a wide range of words.

This lesson is part of the Spanish Vocabulary Course and all of the lessons in this course are available completely FREE.

Spanish Vocabulary Lesson 74 Intermediate Level The office

Listen and repeat the following words:

La agenda de trabajo: Work diary
La agenda de bolsillo: Pocket diary
El archivador: Filing clerk
La carpeta de anillas: Ring binder
La carpeta de información: Information pack
El celo/La cinta adhesiva: Sticky tape
El ordenador portátil: Laptop computer
La pantalla: Screen
El módem: Modem
El disco duro: Hard disk
El teclado: Keyboard
El fichero: Filing cabinet
La impresora: Printer
La tinta: Ink
La impresora láser: Laser printer
Imprimir: To print
La fotocopiadora: Photocopier
El/La oficinista: Office worker
La libreta de direcciones: Address book
El listín de teléfonos: Telephone directory
La máquina de escribir: Typewriter
Los muebles de oficina: Office furniture
La libreta de anillas: Spiral-bound notebook
Pasar una llamada: To transfer a call
El pegamento: Glue/Adhesive
El rotulador: Felt tip pen
La mesa de despacho: Office desk
Tomar notas: To take notes
Las tijeras: Scissors


  1. Muy util, Laura, gracias. ¿Cómo se dice “home officer”?, eso es una oficina en una casa donde alguien trabajaría para su mismo.


    • Oops! Debe ser “home office”, no “home officer”. Perdón.


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