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Environment vocabulary in Spanish at Intermediate level

We continue our Spanish Vocabulary Video Course with an intermediate level Spanish video highlighting Environment vocabulary in Spanish.

In this video we learn how to correctly pronounce the vocabulary in Spanish for such things as “floods”, “recycling”, “organic”, “deforestation”, and “eco-friendly”. There will be three videos in total in this series, at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels with much more Environment vocabulary in Spanish.

Lack of vocabulary in Spanish is probably the one biggest thing that holds my students back with speaking Spanish fluently. If you are lucky enough to have Spanish friends or work colleagues, or if you live in or near a Spanish speaking neighbourhood, your task is much easier. But if you live completely separate to a Spanish speaking environment you will for sure struggle to build your repertoire of Spanish vocabulary.

I very much hope that this course is helping you learn and remember more vocabulary in Spanish, but I also strongly recommend that you start reading more and more often in Spanish and push yourself to watch more Spanish films and TV. There is so much material at your finger tips via the internet and it is the best way to compensate for the lack of Spanish stimulus around you in everyday life.

Spanish Vocabulary Video Lesson 80 Intermediate Level Environmental Issues

Listen and repeat the following words:

Los gases contaminantes: Contaminating gases
El daño: Damage
Las inundaciones: Floods
La recogida selectiva: Selective collection
Los vertidos: Spillages/Spills
La ONG: Charity
El reciclaje: Recycling
Reciclado: Recycled
El papel reciclado: Recycled paper
La conservación Conservation
Orgánico/Ecológico: Organic
El ozono: Ozone
El cambio climático: Climate change
La deforestación: Deforestation
Ecológico: Ecological/Eco-friendly
El ecologista: Ecologist
El ecosistema: Ecosystem
Las aguas residuales: Effluent
La extinción: Extinction
Las especies en peligro de extinción: Endangered species
El medio ambiente: Environment
Medioambiental: Environmental

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  1. ¡Muy útil, Laura! Gracias. Ya estaba leyendo un articulo en español sobre cambio climático cuando abrí este puesto de mi lector de RSS, ¡qué coincidencia!



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