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Ecology vocabulary in Spanish at Advanced level

We continue our Spanish Vocabulary Video Course with an advanced level Spanish video highlighting Ecology vocabulary in Spanish.

In this video we learn how to correctly pronounce the vocabulary in Spanish for such things as “global warming”, “ozone layer”, “radioactivity”, “solar energy”, and “wind power”. There are three videos in total in this series, at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels lots of Ecology vocabulary in Spanish.

Lack of vocabulary in Spanish is probably the one biggest thing that holds my students back with speaking Spanish fluently. If you are lucky enough to have Spanish friends or work colleagues, or if you live in or near a Spanish speaking neighbourhood, your task is much easier. But if you live completely separate to a Spanish speaking environment you will for sure struggle to build your repertoire of Spanish vocabulary.

I very much hope that this course is helping you learn and remember more vocabulary in Spanish, but I also strongly recommend that you start reading more and more often in Spanish and push yourself to watch more Spanish films and TV. There is so much material at your finger tips via the internet and it is the best way to compensate for the lack of Spanish stimulus around you in everyday life.

Spanish Vocabulary Video Lesson 81 Advanced Level Environmental Issues

Listen and repeat the following words:

La lluvia ácida: Acid rain
El dióxido de carbono: Carbon dioxide
Las sustancias químicas: Chemicals
La eliminación de residuos: Garbage disposal
La separación de residuos Garbage separation
El calentamiento global Global warming
El efecto invernadero: Greenhouse effect
La contaminación acústica: Noise pollution
La radiación nuclear: Nuclear radiation
La capa de ozono: Ozone layer
Que no daña la capa de ozono: Ozone-friendly
La sustancia radiactiva: Radioactive substance
Los residuos radiactivos: Radioactive waste
La radiactividad: Radioactivity
La repoblación: Reforestation
Las aguas residuales: Sewage
La estación depuradora: Sewage plant
La energía solar: Solar energy
El dióxido de azufre: Sulphur dioxide
Los residuos tóxicos: Toxic waste
La separación de residuos: Waste separation
La eliminación de residuos: Waste disposal
La energía eólica: Wind power


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