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Tierra de lobos (“Land of wolves”) is a Spanish TV series broadcast by Telecinco, set in late nineteenth century Spain, starring Álex García, Junio Valverde, María Castro, Javier Villalba, Juan Fernández, and Silvia Alonso. This is a Spanish TV series for lovers of adventure, action, revenge, intrigue and romance. Tierra de lobos was created by Rocío Martínez and Juan Carlos Cueto, with direction by Juan González.

Tierra de lobos began on September 29th 2010 and became an instant success with 2.626 million viewers and a 15.6% audience share. The last episode in the first series secured an amazing 18% audience share with 3.358 million viewers. Tierra de lobos became one of Telecinco’s strongest series and there was no doubt that a second season was soon to follow. Indeed, on 28th September 2011, exactly a year after its first release, the second season of Tierra de lobos was screened. This new season saw one of the show’s main stars, actor Alex García, leave to pursue other avenues in the big screen. The second season of Tierra de lobos maintained high audiences figures and did very well.

The story of Tierra de lobos begins with the outlaw Bravo brothers, Cesar (played by Álex García and Roman (played by Junio Valverde), returning to their homeland of Spain from Portugal in 1875 after a foiled robbery which saw all of their colleagues dead. All that was left for them in their hometown was a ramshackle hut, but this was to be the start of their new life on the right side of the law. Their good intentions, however, are hampered by local landowner Antonio Lobo (played by Juan Fernández) who wants to drive the two unwanted outsiders away. Lobo is a widower who lives with his four very different daughters Almudena , Isabel , Nieves and Rosa. Lobo and his henchmen, led by Aníbal (played by Antonio Velázquez), try everything to make the Bravo brothers leave town, but the issue is complicated by the emerging love between Cesar Bravo and Almudena Lobo.

The story is dominated by the problems between the Bravos and the Lobos and eventually the Bravo brothers get close to the point of upping and leaving. Everything changes with the appearance of Jean Marie Raymond (played by Jordi Rico), a flamboyant character from Switzerland who tries to convince Cesar and Roman that a wonderful medicinal spring lies on their land from which they could earn a lot of money. The Bravos decide to stay and fight for what is theirs. An immense struggle commences that sees them face even greater hostility from the locals and discover dark secrets about the town and its people that had been long since hidden away.

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