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Romantic Spanish words and expressions – Talking about Love in Spanish

Romantic Spanish words and expressions – Talking about Love in Spanish

This lesson is part of my “Street Spanish” course which is aimed at giving you all of the necessary Spanish vocabulary and phrases for speaking colloquially in Spanish. This is how Spanish people really speak on the street.

In this lesson we will learn lots of romantic Spanish words and expressions related to Love in Spanish, such as Un beso – A kiss, Un corazón roto – A broken heart, Ser apasionado – To be passionate, and Casarse – To marry. I have had many requests from students and blog users for more information related to Love in Spanish and Romantic Spanish and I will be posting four or five lessons on this topic. I hope everyone finds the series useful and interesting.

I would like to invite you to add you own additional Spanish vocabulary and phrases relevant to this topic. I have listed here the Spanish vocabulary and phrases that I can think of, but for sure there are many many more and I would love to hear your suggestions. Please use the comment form with this post.

Romantic Spanish words and expressions – Talking about Love in Spanish:

Romance: Romance
Romántico/a: Romantic
Novelas románticas: Romantic novels
Comedias románticas: Romantic comedies
Películas románticas: Romantic movies
Un beso: A kiss
Besar: To kiss
Una caricia: A caress
Acariciar: To caress
Un abrazo: A hug
Abrazar: To hug
Andar cogidos de la mano: To walk hand in hand
Una cita: A date
Una cita a ciegas: A blind date
Corazón: Heart
Un corazón roto: A broken heart
Con el corazón roto: Broken hearted
Pasión: Passion
Ser apasionado: To be passionate
Pareja: Couple
Novio: Boyfriend/Groom
Novia: Girlfriend/Bride
Matrimonio: Marriage
Marido/Esposo: Husband
Mujer/Esposa: Wife
Boda: Wedding
Casarse: To marry
Casarse con …. : To marry (someone)
Cariño, Mi amor, Mi vida, Vida mía, Cielo, Tesoro, Corazón: Darling, Love, My love, Honey, Sweetheart, etc
Guapa/Preciosa/Bonita/Bella: Beautiful, pretty
Guapo: Handsome
Atractivo/a: Attractive
San Valentín: St Valentine
El Día de San Valentín/El Día de los enamorados: Valentine’s Day
Una tarjeta de San Valentín: A Valentine’s card
Cupido: Cupid

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  1. Your article about Spanish language is motivating.Your Romantic Spanish words and expressions idea is awesome. This work is really great. People should improve spanish language skills so that they can achieve fluency. I love to read Spanish books and enjoy to listen Spanish music.


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