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Spanish group La Oreja de Van Gogh is a Latin Grammy winning and Grammy nominated pop band from Donostia-San Sebastian in Spain who released their debut album “Dile al sol” in 1998. The band’s original name was “Los Sin Nombre” (Those Without Name) when it was formed by Xabi San Martín, Pablo Benegas, Álvaro Fuentes and Haritz Garde. They met lead singer Amaia Montero at a friend’s party where, after listening to her sing, they convinced her to join the group. On Amaia’s request, they decided on a new name: “La Oreja de Van Gogh” (Van Gogh’s Ear). They won a pop-rock music festival in San Sebastián under this new name and found quick success with their first album “Dile al sol”. Their second album “El viaje de Copperpot” (Copperpot’s Journey – a reference to Chester Copperpot in the movie “The Goonies”) released in 2000 made them household names in Spain and the singles were all over the radio. Three years later, they released “Lo que te conté mientras te hacías la dormida” and in 2006 they released “Guapa”.

In November 2007, La Oreja de Van Gogh’s lead singer Amaia Montero announced that she would be leaving the group to begin a solo career. Her replacement, Leire Martínez, joined the group in July 2008 and the new lineup of La Oreja de Van Gogh’s first single “El Último Vals” from their album titled “A las cinco en el Astoria” was released on September 2 2008. Leire originally found fame as a contestant on the Spanish reality show Factor X. I personally think that she fitted in very nicely with the group and gave La Oreja de Van Gogh a new bounce and freshness. I loved La Oreja de Van Gogh’s first two albums with Amaia Montero, but I have to say that I didn’t enjoy “Lo que te conté mientras te hacías la dormida” or “Guapa” quite so much. I think maybe it was time for a change

In 2011 the group released another studio album: “Cometas por el cielo” which went quickly to number one in the Spanish charts and La Oreja de Van Gogh also maintained its popularity in Latin America, particularly in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Venezuela. Leire Martínez was obviously a fantastic singer and the career of La Oreja de Van Gogh soldiered on without so much as missing a beat. The split also did no harm to the career of Amaia Montero who released her self titled album in 2008 and a follow up album “2” in 2011. The debut album was one of the best selling albums in Spain in 2008 and the singles “Caminando” and “Tu mirada” from the second album were big chart hits; constantly on the radio and TV in 2012. Amaia Montero has never sounded better, but for those of you new to her voice and to La Oreja de Van Gogh I would have to recommend their debut album “Dile al sol” which I absolutely played to death and still love.

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