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Street Spanish – Surprise encounters and goodbyes

This is the second lesson in my “Street Spanish” course which is aimed at giving you all of the necessary Spanish vocabulary and expressions for speaking colloquially in Spanish.

In this lesson we will learn some useful ways to greet people in Spanish that you have bumped into by chance or haven’t seen in a while. Also various colloquial ways to say goodbye in Spanish such as “Que te vaya bien” (Have a good one) or “Nos vemos” (See you around).

The Spanish vocabulary and expressions that you will find in this course are not the kind that you will find in regular textbooks and some should be used with caution as they are quite vulgar, but I want to give you an insight into exactly how Spanish people really speak on the street.

I would like to invite you to add you own additional Spanish phrases relevant to this topic. I have listed here the Spanish phrases that I can think of, but for sure there are many many more and I would love to hear your suggestions. Please use the comment form below….

Colloquial Spanish greetings when you haven’t seen someone for a while or meet someone by chance:

Long time no see!: ¡Cuánto tiempo!
Where have you been hiding?: ¿Dónde te has metido?
You fell off the face of the earth!: ¡Te esfumaste de la faz de la tierra!
Back from the dead!: ¡Llegó el desaparecido!
Look who showed up!: ¡Mira quién apareció!
They let you out!: ¡Te han dejado salir!
Speak of the devil!: ¡Hablando del Rey de Roma (por la puerta asoma)!
What the hell are you doing here?: ¿Y tú, qué haces por aquí?
Great to see you!: ¡Qué alegría verte!
You look great!: ¡Qué guapo/a estás!
You’ve put on a little weight!: ¡Has engordado un poco!
You look terrible!: ¡Estás horrible!

Colloquial Spanish goodbyes:

See you later: Ciao / Hasta luego
See you around: Nos vemos
See you again: Hasta otro día
See you in a bit: Hasta ahora
Have a good one: Que te vaya bien
Hopefully we’ll bump into each other again: A ver si nos encontramos por ahí
Let’s get out of here!: ¡Larguémonos! / ¡Vámonos!
I’m out of here!: ¡Me marcho! / ¡Me voy! / ¡Me piro! / ¡Me largo!
I had enough of this!: ¡Estoy hasta las narices / los huevos (vulgar) / las pelotas (vulgar)!
I never want to see you ever again!: ¡No quiero verte nunca más en la vida!
Go to hell!: ¡Vete a la mierda! (vulgar) / ¡Vete a tomar por culo! (vulgar)
Go f**k yourself!: ¡Jódete! (vulgar) / ¡Que te jodan! (vulgar)
F**k you!: ¡Que te den! (vulgar)

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