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Street Spanish – Saying you don’t know & responding with surprise

This is the third lesson in my “Street Spanish” course which is aimed at giving you all of the necessary Spanish vocabulary and expressions for speaking colloquially in Spanish.

In this lesson we will learn some useful ways to say that you don’t know something in Spanish such as “¡No tengo ni idea!” (I haven’t got a clue!) or “Quién sabe” (Who knows). Also various colloquial ways to respond with surprise in Spanish such as “¡Hala!” (Wow!) or “¡No puede ser!” (It can’t be!).

The Spanish vocabulary and expressions that you will find in this course are not the kind that you will find in regular textbooks and some should be used with caution as they are quite vulgar, but I want to give you an insight into exactly how Spanish people really speak on the street.

I would like to invite you to add you own additional Spanish phrases relevant to this topic. I have listed here the Spanish phrases that I can think of, but for sure there are many many more and I would love to hear your suggestions. Please use the comment form below….

Colloquial Spanish ways of saying that you don’t know:

I dunno: No sé / No lo sé
I haven’t got a clue: No tengo ni idea
I know as much as you do: Sé lo mismo que tú
I haven’t got a f**king clue!: ¡Ni puta idea! (vulgar)
What do I know?: ¿Qué se yo? / ¿Yo qué sé?
Who knows: Quién sabe
How the f**k would I know?: ¿Y yo, qué coño sé? (vulgar)
I’m not interested: No me interesa
Ask someone who gives a s**t!: ¡Pregúntale a alguien que le importe!
It’s nothing to do with me: No es asunto mío
I don´t give a s**t!: ¡Me importa una mierda! (vulgar)

Colloquial Spanish ways of responding with surprise:

Wow!: ¡Hala!:
Whaaaat?: ¿Quéééé? / ¿Cómoooo?
No way!: ¡No me digas!
What are you talking about?: ¿Qué dices? / ¿Qué estás diciendo? / ¿Qué me estás contando?
My God!: ¡Dios mío! / ¡Madre mía!
I can’t believe it!: ¡No me lo puedo creer!
It can’t be!: ¡No puede ser!
Really?: ¿De veras? / ¿De verdad?
Seriously?: ¿En serio?
You must be joking!: ¡Estás de broma!
Don’t f**k with me!: ¡No me jodas! (vulgar)
Give it to me straight!: ¡Dime la verdad!
You think?: ¿Tú crees?
That’s f**ked up!: ¡Qué mierda! (vulgar) / ¡Vaya mierda! (vulgar)
That’s unbelievable!: ¡Eso no lo puedo creer!
S**t!: ¡Mierda! (vulgar)
F**k!: ¡Joder! (vulgar)
Not even you believe that!: ¡Eso no te lo crees ni tú!

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