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Spanish singer-songwriter and actress Bebe (Maria Nieves Rebolledo Vila) was born in Valencia, May 9, 1978. She only spent one year in Valencia and then moved to Extremadura. She was raised in a musical environment with her parents part of the folk group Suberin. In 1996, after completing her studies in COU, she went to Madrid to study drama. A few months later she began acting in the capital and in 2001 won a contest for songwriters in Extremadura.

In late 2004 she released the fantastic debut album “Pafuera Telaranas” with the production of Carlos Jean for EMI Music. Best known songs included “Malo”, “Ella”, “Con Mis Manos” and “Siempre Me Quedará”. Bebe “Malo” is a harrowing, flamenco-flavored tale of domestic abuse and is the album’s emotional centerpoint. It features the line: “Malo, malo, malo eres; no se daña a quien se quiere. Tonto, tonto, tonto eres; no te pienses mejor que las mujeres”. Bebe is known for her free spirited direct, honest and edgy songs which are always delivered with a unique poetic touch.

On June 27, 2006, she announced her temporary withdrawal from the world of music to focus on her acting career. She can be seen in “La educación de las hadas” (2006), directed by José Luis Cuerda and Chaotic Ana and directed by Julio Medem. She also features in Caótica Ana – 2007, Busco – 2006, El oro de Moscú – 2003, Al sur de Granada – 2003. Her first on-screen appearance was in the TV show “Entre cien fuegos” in 2002.

In June 2009 she presented her new album called “Y..” The singles were “La bicha”, “Me fui”, “Pa mi casa” and “Busco me”. In the ceremony of the 2009 Latin Grammy Bebe confirmed that she was expecting her first child. On March 31, 2010, she gave birth to her daughter, Candela. Bebe has collaborated with Tontxu, Chambao, Luis Pastor, Albert Pla, El Combolinga, Los Delinqüentes, El Tío Calambres, Kultama, Paco Bello and Los Aldeanos amongst others. On 6th February 2012 Bebe released her third studio album “Un pokito de rokanrol” (A little bit of rock n’ roll). This album included the singles: “K.I.E.R.E.M.E” (25th November 2011) and “Adiós” (7th February 2012).

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