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Hermano Mayor is a Spanish television show that follows the work of personal development coach Pedro García Aguado in his quest to set the directionless youth of Spain on the straight and narrow. The show was originally broadcast on Spanish TV Channel Telecinco and then moved to Channel Cuatro. Each week this docu-reality programme follows Pedro García Aguado meeting, greeting, listening to, understanding and treating specific Spanish adolescents who, for one reason or another, has lost their way in life and left their parents at their wits ends.

Pedro García Aguado himself had many problems with drugs and alcohol in his youth and, after overcoming his addictions, decided that the next step was to help other young people with behavioral problems or addictions not to make the same mistakes he did. He worked as a therapist between 2006 and 2008 and now, in addition to his work in Hermano Mayor, Pedro Garcia Aguado lectures at numerous conferences to prevent and raise awareness of the risks involved in the use and abuse of psychoactive substances such as alcohol and other drugs.

Every season of Hermano Mayor tackles the challenge of helping young people in extreme situations and teaches them the importance of standards, discipline and respect through hard shock style treatments. These Spanish children have serious behavior problems and serious difficulties relating to their surroundings. Through Hermano Mayor, they are given a unique opportunity to redirect their lives, learn how to resolve conflicts through effort and personal growth, acquire healthy working habits and learn how to respect others around them. It is never easy as none of the children is used to observing rules or discipline and are usually selfish beyond belief.

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