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This lesson is part of the Upper-Intermediate Spanish Course
(74 Spanish video or mp3 lessons. 4 hrs 3 mins)

Upper-Intermediate Spanish Course

In this free Spanish video lesson we will see some useful Spanish sport vocabulary such as Ciclismo (Cycling), Baloncesto (Basketball) and Fútbol (Soccer). This is the first in a series of three Spanish lessons on the topic. In my Spanish courses I will always try to provide you with a good balance of Spanish vocabulary, Spanish grammar, Spanish phrases, etc. It is vital that you work on a broad range of skills if you are to defend yourself well in conversation with a native speaker and it also makes the process of learning Spanish more interesting and fun. Variety is the spice of life. It is a good idea to work on ten to fifteen new words or phrases every day, along with learning or practising one key area of Spanish grammar. Try to tie the elements together and write out lots of practice sentences utilising the vocabulary and the grammar you have just learned. Don’t forget as well that the four language skills are listening, speaking, writing and reading so be honest with yourself and make sure that you are getting enough practice in each of the areas. With the internet, you really have no excuses. You can find all of the material and opportunities you need online and most of it will even be free! The trickiest part may be working on your speaking skills if you don’t live in a Spanish speaking neighbourhood, but there are many online buddies out there looking to exchange practice time in your language for practice time in their language and you can always start live online Spanish classes with me. Click here for full details.

Lesson notes:

Fútbol (m): Soccer
Rugby (m): Rugby
Fútbol americano (m): American football
Beisbol (m): Baseball
Criquet (m): Cricket
Baloncesto (m): Basketball
Tenis (m): Tennis
Ciclismo (m): Cycling
Esgrima (f): Fencing
Boxeo (m): Boxing
Judo (m): Judo
Halterofilia (f): Weightlifting


Translate the following…

Soccer football

Here are the possible answers to the last activity:

Las patatas hervidas son sosas
No me gustan estas croquetas, están sosas
La guindilla es muy picante
Estas enchiladas están muy picantes
El merengue es dulce
Este pastel está demasiado dulce
Las anchoas de lata son muy saladas
La comida de tu abuela está muy salada

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