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Intermediate Spanish Course

In this Spanish lesson we will learn how to organise ideas when writing in Spanish with a solid beginning, middle and end for your text. We will see useful Spanish phrases such as Por un lado/una parte (On one hand), A continuación (To continue/Continuing), and En conclusión (In conclusion). These Spanish phrases will really help to structure your writings and make them sound much more polished. Be careful, however, not to fall into the trap of throwing them in all over the place in the belief that they will somehow magically transform your writing into something amazing. This is a common error that many students make and it definitely does more harm than good. When used incorrectly or too often, these phrases make you sound like you are trying far too hard. Relax. Only use the Spanish phrases when you would use the equivilant phrase in your own language. We will continue this theme of analying ways to improve your writing in Spanish with two more Spanish video lessons. The next lesson will look at adding information, contrasting ideas, and expressing causes and consequences and the final Spanish lesson in the series will look at expressing purpose, reformulating ideas, and referring to previous ideas.

Lesson notes:


Primero: Firstly
Segundo: Secondly
Por un lado/una parte: On one hand
Por otro lado/otra parte: On the other hand

Development of the idea:

A continuación: To continue/Continuing
Luego: Afterwards/Next/Then/Later
Después: Afterwards/Next/Then/Later
Más tarde: Afterwards/Later
Entonces: Then/So


En conclusión: In conclusion
Finalmente: Finally
Por todo ello: For these reasons/For all these reasons/For all of this
En resumen: In summary/To sum up/Summing up
En definitiva: In short/In a nutshell
En suma: All things considered/Taking all into account


Translate the following…

On one hand
In summary/To sum up/Summing up
To continue/Continuing

Here are the answers to the last activity:

¡Tómatelo con calma!
Siento que…
¡Qué pena!
Ya verás como todo se arregla

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