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Intermediate Spanish Course

In this Spanish lesson we will look in detail at writing a letter in Spanish; specifically, more advanced ways of beginning a letter in Spanish. We have already looked a little at the basics of how to write a letter in Spanish earlier in the course with a Spanish video lesson that highlighted the main key phrases we use. Now we will delve deeper and see more Spanish phrases such as Muy señores míos (My dear sir/madam – very formal) and Me complace ponerme en contacto con usted/ustedes (It gives me great pleasure to contact you). We will continue this theme with another Spanish video lesson about writing in Spanish that specifically analyses different ways to say goodbye in Spanish. We don’t write as many letters these days as we used to, but the skills learned in these video lessons will also come in very useful for writing emails in Spanish. If you have Spanish speaking friends I am sure they would love to receive a letter or an email and there are many ways to source out online Spanish writing buddies. The more you practice the better of course you will write. It takes time to get a feel for any language and the best way to develop that next level is to practice with native speakers.

Lesson notes:


Estimado/a señor/a: Dear sir/madam (formal)
Apreciado/a………: Dear …….. (formal)
Muy señor mío: My dear sir (very formal)
Muy señores míos: My dear sir/madam (very formal)
Distinguido señor: Dear sir (formal)
Estimado/a amigo/a: Dear friend
Querido/a …….: Dear ………… (informal)
¡Hola!: Hello/Hi

Beginning of the body:

En relación con…: In relation to…
Te/Le/Os/Les escribo porque…: I am writing to you because…
Me he acordado de ti/usted/vosotros/ustedes y ….: I was thinking of you and….
Me dirijo a usted/ustedes…: I am contacting you ….
Me complace ponerme en contacto con usted/ustedes…: It gives me great pleasure to contact you ….
Le/Les escribo para comunicarles…: I am writing to tell you ….
Siento mucho no haberte/haberos escrito antes, pero…: Sorry I haven´t written to you earlier, but….


Translate the following…

I am writing to you because ……..
I am contacting you …….. (formal)
Dear ……: (formal)
Dear…….: (informal)

Here are some possible answers for the last activity:

Dame dinero para ir al cine
Toma dinero para que vayas al cine
A fin de poder viajar a Barcelona, necesito ahorrar dinero
A fin de que puedas viajar a Barcelona, tienes que ahorrar dinero

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