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Intermediate Spanish Course

In this free Spanish video lesson we will learn about how to say no or disagree in Spanish with colloquial Spanish phrases such as ¡Nunca en la vida! (Never in my lifetime!), ¡Estás mal de la cabeza! (You’re crazy!), and Pero, ¿qué dices? (But, what are you saying?). This continues the theme from the previous two Spanish lessons which looked at agreeing in Spanish with common Spanish phrases such as ¡Claro que sí! (Of course!), Evidentemente (Evidently) and Estoy de acuerdo (I agree) and expressing partial agreement and disagreeing in Spanish with common Spanish phrases such as No lo veo muy claro (I am not very sure), No estoy de acuerdo (I disagree) and Eso no tiene sentido (This doesn’t make sense). These Spanish phrases are all commonly used in everyday modern Spanish conversation and, as such, are really important phrases to learn and remember if you are to follow and get involved in Spanish debates and discussions. Colloquial Spanish phrases are not always found in your typical “Learn Spanish” textbooks; dismissed as crude mutations of the pure Spanish language. My opinion is that it is vital for the Spanish student to be aware of how people really speak on the street today otherwise they will frequently get lost in conversation and run the risk of sounding out of touch and unnatural in the way they form their sentences. I will be introducing much more colloquial Spanish in future lessons and I hope very much that you enjoy them.

Lesson notes:

To say no:

¡Jamás de los jamases!: Never ever!
¡Nunca en la vida!: Never in my lifetime!
¡Anda ya!: Get away! / What are you talking about!
¡Ni de coña/broma!: No way!
¡Ni lo sueñes!: Don’t even dream/think about it!

To disagree:

¡Estás mal de la cabeza!: You’re crazy!
¿Y eso, de dónde lo has sacado?: Where did you hear that?
¡Deja de decir chorradas!: Stop talking rubbish!
¡Eso no tiene ni pies ni cabeza!: That doesn’t make sense!
¡No me vengas con historias!: Don’t give me that rubbish!
¡No digas tonterías!: Don’t talk rubbish!
¡Tú estás loco/a!: You’re crazy!
¡Que te crees tú eso!: Even you can’t believe that!
Pero, ¿qué dices?: But, what are you saying?
¡No sabes lo que dices!: You don’t know what you’re talking about!


Translate the following…

¡No digas tonterías!
¡Ni de coña!
¡Anda ya!
Pero, ¿qué dices?

Here are the answers to the last activity:

I disagree
I disagree with that
I don’t completely agree
It’s not that I think it’s terrible, but…

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