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In this Spanish lesson we will look more at the differences between Ser and Estar. The Spanish verbs Ser and Estar are both equivalents to the one English verb “To be” and it is vital to know the subtle differences between the two and when to use one or the other. This is a complex matter and for this reason there will be three video lessons analysing the differences. In this, the second Spanish video lesson in the series, we will see more different uses of Ser. This continues on from the previous lesson where we saw other different uses of Ser and in the next, and final lesson in the series, we will look at the different uses of Estar. Earlier in the course we looked at how to conjugate (modfify a verb from its base form) both Ser and Estar and if you are not completely confident on how to do this I recommend reviewing those previous Spanish video lessons. The Spanish verbs Ser and Estar (just like the verb “To be” in English) are central to the language and it is therefore imperative that you are totally clear and well practised in them.

Lesson notes:


Soy profesora: I am a teacher

El cumpleaños de Sonia es el 3 de marzo: Sonia´s birthday is the 3rd of March

To justify yourself:
Ya sé que llego tarde, es que había mucho tráfico: I know I have arrived late; it is because there was a lot of traffic

To state total price:
¿Cuánto es un café y una tostada?: How much is a coffee and toast?
Son cinco euros: It´s 5 euros

To state a place of celebration or event:
La reunión es en ese despacho: The meeting is in that office

Es bueno beber mucha agua: It is good to drink a lot of water


Make some sentences with the following uses of SER…

Place of celebration or event

Here are some possible answers to the last activity:

Mi bolso es de piel
Adriana y Carlota son españolas
Esta mesa es demasiado grande
Estos libros son míos

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