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This lesson is part of the Upper-Intermediate Spanish Course
(74 Spanish video or mp3 lessons. 4 hrs 3 mins)

Upper-Intermediate Spanish MP3Upper-Intermediate Spanish Video Course

In this free Spanish lesson we will look at the difference between the Spanish words Bien and Bueno and Mal and Malo and how their meanings can change depending on whether they are used with Ser or Estar. Ser bueno, for example, means To be a good person or a good quality item, wheras Estar bueno means to be attractive or tasty. In the previous four Spanish video lessons we looked at other Spanish words with varied definitions depending on whether they are paired with Ser or Estar and this video lesson continues the theme with specific reference to Bien, Bueno, Mal and Malo. These are four Spanish words that get used a lot in everyday conversation and it is for this reason that it is so important to be clear and confident in their different meanings and uses. Once again we see how crucial and tricky the Spanish verbs Ser and Estar are. I recommend making up your own practice sentences using as many combinations of Ser and Estar as you have learned and to look out for Ser and Estar in Spanish texts. I hope you are reading regularly in Spanish now and finding stories and articles that are of genuine interest to you. There is so much free material out there on the internet, but make sure you find things that you really want to read. The best way to study is to study without even feeling like you are studying!

Lesson notes:

Ser bueno: To be a good person / To be a good quality item

Ser malo: To be a bad person / To be a bad quality item

Estar bueno: To be tasty (for food) / To be attractive (for people)

Estar malo: To be ill (for people) / To be bad tasting (for food)

Estar bien: To be healthy or in good physical or mental condition (for people) / To be correct

Estar mal: To be in bad physical or mental condition (for people) / To be incorrect


Make up your own sentences using the Spanish verbs Ser and Estar with Bueno, Malo, Bien and Mal…

Here are the answers to the last activity:

El pescado está muy rico
¡He ganado la lotería, soy rico!
Déjame tranquilo, eres muy pesado
No puedo mover la mesa, es muy pesada
Pedro es un niño muy despierto
¿Pedro, estas despierto?

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