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In this Spanish lesson we are going to look at temporary sentences in Spanish in Present Subjunctive and Indicative forms with: En cuanto … (As soon as…), Mientras … (While…), Antes de que … (Before …), Después de que … (After …), Hasta que … (Until…). This continues the theme from the previous lesson when we saw temporary sentences following Cuando … (When…). We have already practised quite a lot with the Spanish Present Subjunctive – El Presente de Subjuntivo – and its use in comparison with the Spanish Indicative, but there are many more ins and out to be covered. The Spanish Subjunctive is something that scares many Spanish students because it is not something that translates easily to English. The Subjunctive mood is used in English, but not half as much as it is in Spanish. In Spanish it plays a central role in everyday language and so it is vital that you start tackling it as early as possible. If you find it a little tricky to understand at first, don’t worry you are not the only one. Be patient, give it time and little by little it will sink in as you get a better feel for the language. But never give up on it and push aside. It really isn’t as difficult as it may first appear.

Lesson notes:

En cuanto …: As soon as …:
Llámanos en cuanto tengas tiempo: Call us as soon as you have time

Mientras …: While …:
Yo haré la comida mientras Lucía estudie: I will make the food while Lucía studies

Antes de que …: Before …:
Quiero hablar contigo antes de que te vayas: I want to speak to you before you go

Después de que …: After …:
Id al supermercado después de que comáis: Go to the supermarket after you eat

Hasta que …: Until …:
No salgas de la cocina hasta que no termines la comida: Don´t leave the kitchen until you finish your food


Translate the following sentences…

Come home as soon as you finish work
They will watch TV after they eat
It is better if you make a list before you do the shopping

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Cuando era joven, tenía tres perros
Cuando Ana venga, la llevaremos a un restaurant
Cuando estábamos en Inglaterra, íbamos al cine todas las noches
Cuando estés cansado, dímelo

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