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In this free Spanish lesson we will see some more useful Spanish vocabulary about Christmas. This is the final lesson in a series of three Spanish lessons on the topic. In this lesson we will see, for example, how to say in Spanish some specifically Spanish Christmas food such as: Turrón (honey & almond nougat), Polvorones (or) Mantecados (small buns), and Pan de Cádiz (Marzipan bread). We will also see how to say Christmas Tree in Spanish, Nativity Scene in Spanish and Christmas Cards in Spanish. Christmas in Spain is still not as commercially huge as it is in many other western cities. Nothing really happens until the second half of December. Christmas in Spain really starts with the Christmas Lottery draw on 22nd December, the day that coincides with the start of the childrens´ holidays. Christmas cards are not so popular in Spain and house decorations are usually understated. Christmas trees are common in the home but they don’t appear until closer to Christmas Eve. Traditional, intricate, miniature nativity scenes (Belénes) are very popular with Spanish households and most neighbourhoods display their own outdoor, large-scale Belén depicting life in the village where Jesus was born. Belénes always include the baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the Three Kings (Los Reyes Magos), Baltasar, Melchior and Gaspar.

Lesson notes:

Turrón: Nougat typically made with honey, almonds, sugar and egg whites
Polvorones / Mantecados: Small buns made with lard
Mazapanes / Figuritas de mazapán: Marzipan figures
Pan de Cádiz: Marzipan bread
Frutas escarchadas: Crystallized sugared fruits
Roscón de Reyes: King´s cake
Adornos: Decorations
Vela: Candle
Corona: Wreath
Tarjetas de Navidad: Christmas cards
Árbol de Navidad: Christmas tree
Bolas de Navidad: Christmas balls / borbles
Espumillón: Tinsel
El Belén / El Nacimiento: The Nativity Scene


Translate the following…

Spanish Christmas nougat
The Nativity

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Papá Noel
Fuegos artificiales
Muñeco de nieve

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