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Intermediate Spanish Course

In this Spanish video lesson we will learn some useful Shopping vocabulary in Spanish to help you manage in Spanish speaking shops. This is the final Spanish video lesson in a series of three lessons on the theme of Spanish shopping vocabulary and phrases. In this lesson we will see common Spanish words to describe different types of shoppers. In the previous lessons we looked at Spanish phrases related to discounts and offers and vocabulary related to price reductions and ways of paying. There are 13 new Spanish words in this lesson and I recommend that you practice using them alongside all of the key Spanish grammar structures you have already learned. Think about possible situations you could find yourself in when you are out and about in a shopping centre or city centre. Practice really does make perfect. If you don’t practice with the new words and phrases you have learned the chances are that they will go in one ear and out the other. I always think that it is best to concentrate on no more than 15 new Spanish words or phrases per day and to use the rest of your study time to practice with them and to investigate other areas related to that specific field (e.g. shopping). Don’t forget also that you should be finding an equal balance of listening, speaking, reading and writing; and your speaking and listening should ideally be done with native Spanish speakers.

Lesson notes:

Selectivo/a: Selective
Experto/a: Expert
Derrochador/+a: Spendthrift
Desastroso/a: Disastrous
Desorganizado/a: Disorganised
Organizado/a: Organised
Metódico/a: Methodical
Impulsivo/a: Impulsive
Indeciso/a: Indecisive
De ideas fijas: Sure
Adicto/a: Addict
Tiquismiquis: Fussy
Moderado/a: Moderate


Translate the following…


Here are the answers to the last activity:

Dos por uno / Lleve dos y pague uno
Fin de temporada, todo a un euro
Ahora puede tener el televisor de sus sueños en cómodas mensualidades
Ahora el cincuenta por ciento de descuento en todos los artículos

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