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Upper Intermediate Spanish Lesson 10: Spanish phrases to express surprise, indifference and scepticism

This lesson is part of the Upper-Intermediate Spanish Course
(74 Spanish video or mp3 lessons. 4 hrs 3 mins)

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In this free Spanish video lesson we will see common Spanish phrases to express surprise, indifference and scepticism such as ¡No me digas! (You don’t say!), ¡Y a mí qué! (I don’t care!), and ¿Tú crees? (Are you sure?). It is vital that you have a wide selection of Spanish phrases that people really use in modern everyday Spanish conversation and the type of phrases contained in this Spanish lesson are great fun to practice using. It may take you some time, however, to know exactly when to use each phrase and the best way to achive this is to listen to native Spanish speakers as much as you can. Listen out for key Spanish phrases such as ¿De veras? (Really?) and ¡Alla tú! (It’s up to you!). Notice when exactly they are used and the tone with which the speakers says them. It can be great fun to try to immitate how we use these Spanish phrases and it is the best way to remember each phrase. Probably the best place to catch lots of everyday Spanish phrases like these is on Spanish television. At this stage it is a really good idea to get into the habit of watching a little Spanish television every day. It is never easy to understand and enjoy television in another language, but it is one of the best forms of practice. The key is to watch things you genuinely are interested in and with time and patience you will find yourself learning Spanish without even knowing it. I watch a lot of English television and it is one of my favourite study methods. For recommendations of good Spanish television programmes and links to watch the programmes free online click here.

Lesson notes:

To express surprise in Spanish:

¡No me digas!: You don’t say!
¿De veras? Really?
¿Sí? ¡Es increíble!: Really, that’s incredible!
¿Lo dices en serio?: Seriously?
¿Bromeas?: Are you joking?
Me dejas de piedra: I’m shocked!

To express indifference in Spanish:

Por mí…: Whatever…
La verdad es que me da lo mismo: To tell the truth, I really don’t mind
Sí, no me sorprende: Yes, it doesn’t surprise me
¡Y a mí qué!: I don’t care!
¡Alla tú!: It’s up to you!

To express scepticism in Spanish:

¡Ya será menos!: Don’t exaggerate!
Eso no te lo crees ni tú: Even you don’t believe that!
¿Qué dices?: What are you saying?/What are you talking about?
¿Tú crees?: Are you sure?
Ya veremos…: We will see…./Let’s wait and see…
Eso está por ver: We will see…./Let’s wait and see…


Translate the following…

Are you joking?
Don’t exaggerate!
It’s up to you!

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Dijo que le escuchara
Dice que cerremos la puerta
Dijo que su amigo Paco tenía un problema
Dijo que una semana antes había ido al dentista


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