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Intermediate Spanish Course

In this Spanish lesson we will see how to conjugate regular Spanish verbs in the Spanish grammar tense El Pretérito Imperfecto de Subjuntivo – the Spanish Past Simple Subjunctive. We will continue to analyse El Pretérito Imperfecto de Subjuntivo in three more Spanish video lessons where we will see more about regular Spanish verbs, irregular Spanish verbs and the different uses of this Spanish grammar tense. Earlier in this course we looked in detail at the Spanish Past Simple in its indicative form – El Pretérito Imperfecto – and the differences between it and the second Spanish Past Simple – El Pretérito Indefinido. If you haven’t already watched those lessons I definitely recommend going back to review them, but basically we need to be aware that there are two Past Simples in Spanish which are used quite differently with their regular and irregular verbs conjugated in quite different ways. In English the Past Simple grammar tense is much more straightforward as there is only one Past Simple and the majority of its verbs are conjugated simply with the addition of -ed (for example: “Yesterday I walk-ed to the shops”). The issue is complicated further when we have to contend with the Spanish Subjunctive as well. The Subjunctive mood is used in English, but not half as much as it is in Spanish. In Spanish it plays a central role in everyday language and so it is vital that you start tackling it as early as possible. If you find it a little tricky to understand at first, don’t worry you are not the only one. Be patient, give it time and little by little it will sink in as you get a better feel for the language. But never give up on it and push it aside. It really isn’t as difficult as it may first appear.

Lesson notes:

-AR verbs with El Pretérito Imperfecto de Subjuntivo:

(Yo) hablara/hablase: I spoke
(Tú) hablaras/hablases: You spoke (friendly)
(Usted) hablara/hablase: You spoke (formal)
(Él/ella) hablara/hablase: He/She spoke
(Nosotros/as) habláramos/hablásemos: We spoke
(Vosotros/as) hablarais/hablaseis: You spoke (group/friendly)
(Ustedes) hablaran/hablasen: You spoke (group/formal)
(Ellos/as) hablaran/hablasen: They spoke


Conjugate the following Spanish verb…


Here are the answers to the last activity:

Un garito
La basca/la peña
Los colegas

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