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Intermediate Spanish Course

In this free Spanish video lesson we are going to look at Spanish expressions to show astonishment with structures such as Qué raro/extraño + subjuntivo (How weird/strange) and Me extraña que + subjuntivo (It surprises me). It is really important to collect lots of useful Spanish expressions and phrases that people really use in modern everyday conversation. Sometimes students fall into the trap of either concentrating to heavily on pure Spanish grammar or just collecting lots of individual words. It is important to be able to understand and use structures like the ones we will see in this free Spanish video lesson related to showing your astonishment in Spanish. With all of my Spanish video lessons I recommend that you listen to them quite a few times until the key points are embedded in your memory. The beauty of my video and mp3 courses is that you can listen to them whenever and wherever. It is always best to have a foreign language memorised in your head rather than written down in books or in scattered notes that you will rarely refer to. The lesson notes that accompany each lesson are designed to be short and succinct; enough to understand, but not too much to forget. Aim to be 100% clear and confident on all of the grammar lessons and try to learn 10-15 new words, phrases and expressions daily. The next stage will be to speak regularly with a native speaker to practice and expand on all you have learned. Please click here for full details regarding my live online Spanish classes.

Lesson notes:

Qué raro/extraño + subjuntivo: How weird/strange:
Qué raro que no venga mañana a la fiesta: How weird/strange that he is not coming to the party tomorrow

Me parece raro/extraño + subjuntivo: I find it weird/strange:
Me parece raro que no haya llamado: I find it weird/strange that he hasn´t called

Me extraña que + subjuntivo: It surprises me:
Me extraña que estés tan cansado: It surprises me that you are so tired


Make your own sentences using these structures…

Qué raro/extraño + subjuntivo
Me parece raro/ extraño + subjuntivo
Me extraña que + subjuntivo

Here are the answers to the last activity:

No creemos que haya estado en Paris
Cuando hayan terminado los deberes, podrán ver la television
Posiblemente haya vivido en Inglaterra. Tiene un acento británico
Estoy buscando a alguien que haya trabajado en una tienda antes

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