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Intermediate Spanish Course

In this Spanish lesson we will look at some Spanish expressions of lament and consolation such as ¡Qué pena! (What a pity!), ¡Cuánto lo siento! (How sorry I am!) and ¡Tómatelo con calma! (Take it easy!). These are really useful expressions that you will hear everyday in Spanish conversation. Expressions are tricky because if you don’t know them you can quite easily get lost in a conversation and there are so many that it takes time to learn them all. Just like with collecting Spanish vocabulary, I suggest that you concentrate on trying to learn no more than ten to fifteen new Spanish expressions in any one day and you practice as much as you can with all of the new expressions you learn. The good thing about Spanish expressions is that they are usually great fun to use. Here with these Spanish expressions of lament and consolation you can really let yourself go with the likes of: ¡Dios mío! (My God!) and ¡Qué desgracia! (What a disgrace!). You need to really hear how Spanish people use these types of phrases and the passion they put into their delivery. Don’t be afraid to immitate Spanish speakers you hear and have fun playing out the theatre.

Lesson notes:

Expressions of lament:

¡Dios mío!: My God!
¡Qué pena!: What a pity!
¡Ay! Lo siento!: I am so sorry!
¡Qué desgracia!: What a disgrace!
¡Vaya!: No!
Siento que…: I am sorry
¡Cuánto lo siento!: How sorry I am!

Expressions of consolation:

¡Calma, calma!: Calm down!/Relax!
¡Tómatelo con calma!: Take it easy!
Ya verás como todo se arregla: Everything will be OK, you’ll see
Ya verás como encuentras la solución: Don’t worry, you’ll work it out
Con el tiempo te alegrarás: Everything will be OK in time
No pierdas las esperanzas de…: Don’t lose hope that…..


Translate the following…

Take it easy!
I am so sorry!
What a pity!
Everything will be OK, you’ll see

Here are the answers to the last activity:

¡Qué le vamos a hacer!
¡Qué agobio!
Ya nos arreglaremos
Me fastidia/molesta que

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